Windsong or Elemental force wep enchant for Frost mage?

Haste, crit and mastery proc all seem fairly nice, especially when multiple types of procs can proc at the same time, while elemental force's 3k seems kinda low... Or perhaps power torrent is still superior to both of these, least before the rep enchant opens up for me?

Thoughts, numbers?
im going with the added elemental dps atm.
added bonus is its a dot ticking away when you are kiting that rare around.

im unsure if its the wiser choice dps wise. I mean, it procs haste, crit or mastery and there is plenty difference in-between them.
you also have the problem if you are getting close to a haste or crit cap, having it proc that stat would be a huge waste.
Without any figures to go from on the elemental force, it's hard to make a detailed comparison.

I would have thought Windsong would win by a large margin though. Haste when it procs is excellent for Frost, and at this stage crit is still useful.

1500 of Crit/Haste/Mastery works out at:

~3.5% haste
~2.5% crit
~5% mastery
Windsong: The blue post says 1 proc per minute, which would equal 20% uptime (12s/60s = 0.2). 0.2 * 1500 = 300 average. If my spreadsheet is correct and the PPM in the blue post is correct, I would get about 0.5% dps from this.

Elemental Force is 5PPM and does 3k damage, so that's 15k damage / 60 seconds = 250 dps. That's a 0.6% DPS increase if you do 40k dps (which is on the low side, but close enough). If you do 50k or over, you'll do better (or equal) with Windsong.

Power Torrent is 500 intellect with a roughly similar uptime average as Windsong. This averages as about 100 intellect. It turns out this beats both of the above with current levels of stats, but it's still close enough that you'll probably never tell the difference.

Jade Spirit is more than three times better than any of the above. With this one, you might be able to tell the difference...
Thanks for the replies, I'll be using windsong from now on and switching to jade spirit when it becomes available. =)
And once again Tiga does all the boring lookup & math so I dont have to. Always nice. ;)

(added bonus, I hadnt noticed the shado-pan had that patern so thanks there aswell haha)

tbh I expected a larger difference then what you calculated. Nice its that close
Looking at an LFR log on World of Logs, Windsong appears to have a much higher combined uptime than I estimated, which would make it a clear winner over Elemental Force. The uptime seems to be over 40%. For example: 22 procs in 9 minutes, which makes it 2.4 ppm rather than 1 ppm or 23 in 7.3 minutes = 3.1 ppm. The crit/haste/mastery procs could be entirely separate, so maybe this is an enchant with three buffs with independent 1ppm procs.

Another mage was using Elemental Force and it was doing 1.5% of the damage, so that one is much better than estimated as well - possibly slightly better than Windsong (and we were doing over 70k dps on Elegon and roughly 50k on Will of the Emperor).

The theorycrafting doesn't match reality if the input parameters aren't correct. In this case the proc chances/uptimes seem much higher than what I thought they would be.

Here's the report I looked at:

I had to answer the phone during Will of the Emperor, so it was tough to focus on that for me, but it shouldn't affect the PPM analysis too much.


My dps is 'fairly' close together to yours on emperor, on elegon its a huge difference.
Just incase you need more info, Tiga.
I use Elemental, but it seems i will switch soon. hehe

Where are you finding the uptimes? I cant find the bloody thing in my logs. (which is kinda normal, I always spend eons finding info. and when I finally got it, next week on the new log I forgot again haha)
Actually your weapon seems unenchanted, which would explain the lack of damage from Elemental Force...
omigawd. I forgot. (my memory is terrible)

That was my previous weapon. :p
Well THAT explains.

time to go fix that.. :p
and here I was checking logs, wondering wtf happened to my proc. haha
Just a quick note: because the PPM numbers from logs don't match Blizzard's information, I think we'll be seeing some hotfixes to the procs at some point. Jade Spirit is underperforming relative to the cost (it may still be best for frost) and the two lower enchants are roughly equal. Elemental Force may be better than Windsong at the moment and I don't think that it's intended to be that way.

I'll get a Klaxxi sword today and I'm not sure what to do...I might buy two and try both enchants that way.
Im working with windsong atm and will probably upload lfr logs each week. (just if you need more logs Tiga)

We tend to raid on Wednesdays (either tomorrow or a week soon) so for normal raids, stay tuned on logs. ;)
I tried Elemental Force on the Headless Horseman and it was just 1% of my damage. HH is a short fight with just a single target for most of it, but with a short period with adds, so it's not a bad benchmark. I'll probably look at Windsong effectiveness on the same fight today.

Edit: Forgot to mention that if you look at World of Logs, the raid overview page shows Water Elemental damage, but the player page doesn't include pets, so the damage percentage for Elemental Force appears slightly inflated because of that. Pet damage will probably scale with Windsong, but not with Elemental Force. Minor thing, but it affects the numbers a bit for frost.

BTW, it's a bit unfortunate that the caster weapons are now 1-hand. I have two Klaxxi sabers and wanted one of them to be a "blue lightsabre" Spellfire Longsword and the other one "gold" Blade of Wizardry. Unfortunately you can't transmog 1-hand weapons with main hand templates. :( The best solution would probably be to retroactively convert all caster main hand weapons into 1-hand weapons, as long as the models are OK for offhand animations (melee transmogs using caster weapons).

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