Honor Trade Goods

Is it possible to get any MoP Honor Trade Goods with honor points?

Got all pvp items that I need, so I am wondering about this.
Nope. Not yet at least. In previous expansion(s), the trade goods vendor was first added in later patches. So maybe it'll be the same this time. Maybe :P

You can buy various trade goods, crafting materials, etc. with Spirit of Harmony though. There's a vendor at the Shrine of the Seven Stars / Temple of Two Moons for that.
meeeeeeeeeeeh :((((((((((((((
Maybe you can spend your honor on weapons... oh wait
Perhaps on new PvP mounts... hmm no
New PvP tabards then?.. What, there arent any new ones for years now?


Can you change them for JP, they seem to be helpful for... nothing really...

07/10/2012 10:42Posted by Soku
meeeeeeeeeeeh :((((((((((((((

NEVER in the field of orc/human/slimy whatsnames has

07/10/2012 10:42Posted by Soku
meeeeeeeeeeeh :((((((((((((((

been so massively understated.....

meeeeeeeeeee ;(((((((
All the Currency is pointless, after 5 HCS you dont need any JP gear and if you want to but Valor gear you have to do dailies for 3 months =/
Isn't this a good thing? All those botters get nowdays is repairs :D
27/10/2012 19:49Posted by Ávátárr
after 5 HCS you dont need any JP gear

if you got all gear you need after 5 HC's your a some lucky .... (fill something you think fits)

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