lvl90 talent macro

Depending on my spec and whether I'm solo, 5man or raiding, I'm constantly switching my level 90 talent.
Right now I have a single macro that'll use w/e ability I'm talented for but it will only display the tooltip for the first ability listed in the macro and only if it's the ability I'm currently using.

So I'm asking if it's possible to have a macro that shows the tooltip for whatever talent you're currently using?
There isn't I'm afraid unless you try this:

/cast [mod:shift] Light's Hammer; [nomod] Execution Sentence; [mod:ctrl] Holy Prism

Generally though I would stick to one per fight and use my clcprot or clcret to make an aura button to watch it's cooldown and switch the ability off my keybinds. Your best talents bets are atm:

Holy/Prot: Light's Hammer
Ret: Execution Sentence

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