Beginners guide to pet battles.

Pet Battles
1) Beginners guide
2) Pet Quality
3) Tips for capturing pets

11) Pet teams
12) Training pets
13) Healing

21) Useful lists
22) Pet types
23) Useful addons
24) Macros

1) Beginners guide
The battle pet system is account wide. All the pets and achievements on each character will be the same, even if they are on different servers, or accounts on the same account.
Battle pet training costs 85g. This is a one off cost for your account.

To start training go to a trainer, preferably in a main city. This will also give a number of quests to help.
The trainer can sell you a starter pet if you do not already have one.

The two main trainers are Audrey Burnhep in Stormwind and Varzok in Orgrimmar.

Near the trainer will be several wild battle pets. Fight and kill one, and your pet should reach level two.
Once your pet has reached level 2, start capturing nearby pets. This can done once the enemy pet has fallen below 35% health.

You can capture up to three of any pet, and you can release any captured pet, never seeing it again.

2) Pet quality
Pets come in four qualities:
Poor - Common - Uncommon - Rare

The better quality the pet, the better its statistics, and the statistics it gains when it levels up.
Most pets that you capture can be any rarity, some addons will tell you the quality of wild pets when you start a fight, these are useful for finding rare pets.
When you are training pets, always train the better quality pets.

3) Tips for capturing pets

Never keep three of the same captured pet, unless they are all rare quality.
Always leave one slot spare to capture rares.
Pets in towns may be a lower level than those in the surrounding area.

There are several parts to capturing a pet.
a) deciding whether the pet is wanted.
Good reasons to capture pets include capturing a pet you do not already own, capturing pets of better quality than you already own, or capturing pets of a higher level than you already own.
You may also want to capture lower level pets to help capture other low level pets.

There are addons that tell you the quality of pets when you start a battle, and how many and of what level/quality you already own.

b) bringing your target down to below 35% health.

You need to bring your target pet to below 35% without killing it. Using a pet at a lot higher level will likely kill your target without giving you the opportunity to capture it. Use pets of the same level, or a level above that which you are trying to capture to damage the pet.
When it comes time to capture the pet, swap to a higher level pet that is harder to damage. If you only have higher level pets available, then choose one that does less damage to your target.

Try not to use Damage over time attacks, they will continue attacking the target whilst you are trying to capture it.
Also use pets with that deal different damage with different attacks. e.g. A Snow Cub has an attack which does 2/3 of the damage and reduces the damage of your target's next attack by 50%. This is useful when your target has just over 35% health.

c) capturing you target.
Sometimes it takes several attempts to capture the target. Whilst doing this you don't want your pet to die.
Once you have brought your target down to 35%, you need to mitigate damage against your pet. Swap to a high level pet that has a lot of stamina, or a pet that takes reduced damage from the target if you don't have higher level pets.
Use a pet that has attacks that can do less damage, e.g. an attack that does half the normal damage, but increases your speed or heals your pet.

If your highest level pets are all at the same level as the target, then use one which takes reduced damage from your target through b) and c)

d) Killing the other opponents in the battle.

If your aim is to capture one of the opponents, then you need to win the battle. Often you will have two or three opponents. Use a high level pet to dispatch the pets you are not capturing.
If you are out in the wilds, then your pet battle could be interrupted by PvE or PvP. If you lose the battle your target will escape even if already captured.
11) Pet teams

There are a couple of addons that allow you to create teams of pets.
These are useful to swap between sets of battle pets.

You might want teams with your highest level pets, teams designed to capture pets, teams designed to level pets, and your PvP teams.

12) Training pets

Concentrate on training rare quality pets.
For your first fight, just kill the enemy, it will put your pet on level 2.
Start capturing pets as soon as you have a level 2, once you have a rare concentrate on that.
Once you have a rare pet, just train your rares.

I suggest making a few teams.
a) a team with your 3 highest level rare pets.
b) 3 more teams of high level rares, containing at least one of each pet type between them and your highest team.
c) levelling teams, two lower level rare pets, and one high level
d) capturing teams, the same makeup as c)
e) PvP teams.

Level several teams concurrently. Rather than waste time healing, swap between teams and then heal the lot in one go.
Your highest level team should be three pets of about the same level, swap between them during the fight, so that they all gain XP.
Lower teams can consist of two low level pets, and one high level. Level the two low level pets, and use the high level to dispatch your enemy if things get sticky. If a pet dies in a battle, it will not receive any XP even if you win the battle.
Aim to kill enemies a similar level, you will get most XP there.

13) Healing.

All your pets can be resurrected and healed to 100% using one of three methods:
a) The Battle Pet healing spell. This is free, but has an eight minute cooldown.
b) A stable master, for the cost of 10s.
c) Battle Pet Bandage sometimes comes from pet tamer quests and daily quests.

Additionally pets will get a small heal when you win a battle.
21) Useful lists

Pets that are automatically rare:

22) Pet types

There are ten types of battle pet:

Aquatic, harmful DoTs are reduced by 25%.
Takes 50% extra damage from Flying abilities, and 33% less from undead.
Good against Elemental, bad against Magic.

Beast, deals 25% extra damage when it is below 50% health
Takes 50% extra damage from Mechanical attacks, and 33% less from humaniod.
Good against Critters, bad against flying.

Critters break out of CC effects easily.
Takes 50% extra damage from Beast attacks, and 33% less from Elemental.
Good against Undead, bad against Humanoid.

Dragonkin, deals 50% extra damage for one round after bring the target below 25% health.
Takes 50% extra damage from Humanoid abilities, and 33% less from Flying.
Good against Magic, bad against Undead.

Elemental, ignores all weather effects.
Takes 50% extra damage from Aquatic abilities, and 33% less from Mechanicals.
Good against Mechanical, bad against critters.

Flying, gains 50% extra speed when above 50% health.
Takes 50% extra damage from Magic attacks, and 33% less from Beasts.
Good against Aquatic, bad against Dragonkin.

Humaniod selfheals 4% every round they deal damage.
Takes 50% extra damage from Undead attacks, and 33% less from Critters.
Good against Dragonkin, bad against Beast.

Magic cannot have health reduced by more than 50% in one attack.
Takes 50% extra damage from Dragonkin attacks, and 33% less from Aquatic.
Good against Flying, bad against Mechanical.

Mechanical, comes back to life once per battle at 20% health.
Takes 50% extra damage from elemental attacks, and 33% less from Magic.
Good against Beast, bad against Elemental.

Undead, return to life immortal for one round after being killed.
Takes 50% extra damage from critter abilities, and 33% less from Dragonkin.
Good against Humandoid, bad against Aquatic.

23) Useful addons.
a) PetJournal Enchanced
creates enchanced options for the pet journal, sort by level, quality,

b) BattlePetCount
If you mouseover a pet, it shows how many of those you already own, and what quality and levels they are.

c) PetBattle Teams
allows you to create teams of pets, and easily switch between them
d) Battle Pet Tab
allows you to create teams of pets, and easily switch between them

e) Battle Pet - Quality Notifier
Displays in chat the quality of wild battle pets you are about to fight.
Useful for trying to capture rare quality pets.
f) PetBattleQualityGlow
Displays a glow around enemy pets showing their quality.
Useful for trying to capture rare quality pets.
g) PetBattle Info
Displays a glow around enemy pets showing their quality.
Also shows the cooldowns of various abilities.
Useful for trying to capture rare quality pets.

I use a) b) c) and e)

24) Macros

/run for i=1,C_PetBattles.GetNumPets(2) do SELECTED_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage(C_PetBattles.GetName(2,i).." - ".._G["BATTLE_PET_BREED_QUALITY"..C_PetBattles.GetBreedQuality(2,i)]) end
Will tell you the quality of wild enemy pets.

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