Heart of the Wild vs. Wish of Cenarius (DPS wise)

So i've been stuck on what lvl 90 talent to pick for my feral druid.
What talent do you think would be better for DPS.
Heart of the wild has a perma 6% buff on agi and stam, and is only ever activated to use as an emergency heal (for ferals).
Wish of Cenarius has some good heals, real good, and works really well with predatory swiftness, it also has a 25% dmg buff on 2 abilities. WoC is also really good for soloing (almost as pally's?)
Right now im leaning more on WoC.
But my question is..does a permanent 6% buff give more dps, or does a temporary 25% buff on abilities better?
OK so i just did some tests, and with HoTW i did an average of 34k dps, and with WoC on i did an average of 32kdps, not a big difference..I still want to know what you guys would take. Bigger heals less dps? Or more dps, and more stamina, little heals?
Depends how you play. I wouldn't choose HoTW personally. If you play BGs a lot alone, Dream of Cenarius is good because of the heal bonus and it gives a boost for your Rake and a Shred or Ravage.
Nature's Vigil is really good if you do Arena.
You've left out the most important aspect of HotW. Yes it's a passive 6% agility buff. But as feral it's not used to do emergency healing. You can do some serious damage by spamming wrath the 45s.

Dream of Cenarius requires some practice getting used to. Like Ripgobearwin wrote, to max your dps you do healing touch on predatory swiftness procs and time it so DoC buff your bleeds.

Stat values change depending on the talent. From what I've read, DoC has the highest potential, but also takes more effort mastering.

I personally use DoC because it feels more feral imo, and I would like to get used to it and master it.

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