Arena 1, 2 , 3 and focus macros

Interface and Macros

To clear out some binds on my bars i tried to make a macro like this

/target [nomod] arena 1
/focus [mod:shift] arena 1


/target [nomod,@arena1]
/focus [mod:shift,@arena1]

i've googled it multiple times but no matter what i try i cant seem to figure out how to get them to work, the /target always seems to work but i cant get the /focus to work.(binds are naga button 1,2,3)
Without a modifier, you want to target arena1 and with shift you want to set arena1 as your focus target?

/target [nomod]arena1
/focus [mod:shift]arena1
yeah but that doesnt work for some reason...
Does it work on another keybinding?
yeah except on the naga buttons
If you havnt had an answer to this. you CANT shift,ctrl,alt any of the "numpad" keys as they become "Home,End,PgDwn,PgUp when you shift click. You have to go into some windows files to fix that
#showtooltip Whatever spell you want
/target [nomod] Arena1
/focus [mod:whatever] Arena1

I don't know if the second one you listed works, but you separated Arena and "one" in the first one, which doesn't work.

Person above me is almost correct, you can use Alt with num 123 if that is fine for focus 123. Shift doesn't work iirc and don't know abt CTRL.
If you're still trying to fix this, here maybe the solution. If you look on the bottom of your naga you will see a switch to make it "123 or Numpad", change the switch to 123 and then try again.

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