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The atmosphere of the situation was eerie at best. Liaena did her best to come up with excuses and calm any hostility, but Sharon noticed how the Orc's glare penetrated her gaze as her eyes, growing redder by the second; slowly turned towards the Night Elf.

Before the Orc could open her mouth and say anything to the ill tempered Night Elf, Sharon stepped up, having already confiscated Rithrynn's bow, he went up next to Liaena, placing a hand on her shoulders.

"Sharon Dal'Dieb, Captain of the Silver Covenant. We are glad to have met you, honored Crusaders." The High Elf spoke out in a high, and pleasantly surprised sounding tone as he gazed forward at the Crusaders infront of them.

"We have spent days trekking through the cursed woods of southern Quel'Thalas. We are tired and worn out after the journey... " Sharon noticed the relaxed attitude of the Orc as she gazed at him, but he quickly remembered about her ire towards the Night Elf, and the High Elf quickly turned and looked towards Rithrynn.
"This is our guardian. She has kept us safe throughout the journey... and she has slain a lot of undead beasts that tainted the forest, she even killed a dark wizard who threatened to curse us all!"

"I di,-" But before Rithrynn could ask, Sharon motioned to Liaena; whom quickly and secretly punched the elf in her backside with her elbow.

"She takes her role very seriously, and only a few hours ago, one of the undead leapt out of the shrub and almost got my dear Li here, which she still blames herself for... "

The Crusaders were still pointing at them with their swords and Crossbows, but Sharon could see that the fury in their eye and battle lust had faded away a little.
The Orc Captain no longer looked as if she was about to kill Rithrynn with her own arrow, but now looked at the High Elf, giving him a short nod before she looked down at his black robes.

"And why the hallow's end outfit?
"Ehrm... deception, ma'am. We had hoped to attract less attention from Scourglings by dressing up at them?

The Orc gave him a cold look, before letting out a sigh, lowering her arms and placing one hand dangerously on the hilt of her sword resting in its sheath by her side.

"If you wanted to trick the Scourge you are too late - the Lich King's puppets have all but abandoned the Ghost Lands long ago, leaving only their pitiful slaves to walk around in their neverending nightmare."

"Ahh, I didn't know... " Sharon replied, bowing his head in apology. "I haven't been to the Ghostlands, in... years."

"Hrmf, well then, Sharon. I am Gar'za Ironblood, officer of the Argent Crusade. And these are my loyal soldiers, tasked to guard the northern perimeter of Stratholme against the undead monstrosities. You are lucky we know that the Cults have left the Ghostland, or you'd all been neck deep in kodo dung by now... "

Gar'za turned her eyes towards Rithrynn, giving the Night Elf an angry, but somewhat patient stare as she studied the purple elf - as if eying a football and trying to determine how far she could kick it.
"You may come with us, but that dope-eyed fool will remain unarmed until I say otherwise. Is that clear?!"

The Orc bellowed out loudly as her gaze returned to Sharon, and the High Elf bowed gracefully, giving her a friendly smile as he nodded with his head. "No problem, Officer Ironblood. I assure you, she will cause no further disaster."
While it had been -slightly so- emberrassing when she had found out that she was actually shooting at Crusaders, the Night Elf could claim to hold no real sympathy or feeling in any way 'sorry' for having shot the greenskin.
It was, in fact, perhaps the only reason Rithrynn could tolerate the presence of the Orc. Thanks to the satisfaction of putting at least one arrow in her.

"You may come with us, but that dope-eyed fool will remain unarmed until I say otherwise. Is that clear?!"

Rithrynn's eyes became spiteful when she heard that, and the Night Elf's eyes narrowed at the Orc. But yet again, before she could speak, Liaena interrupted, nudging her quite hard below her ribs.

"Baah, that stupid, potion-abusing midget!"

"Fine!" Rithrynn managed to force out, looking all but pleased. Most of the Crusaders around them were Dwarves and Humans, and Dwarves and Humans she could trust... somewhat.
Rithrynn removed her weapon belt along with the long, curved dagger, the quiver and the bow, handing them all over to Liaena.

"No way I'm giving it to Miss Scarface!"

"I'm unarmed. No weapons. See?" Rithrynn held up her arms, showing that she was disarmed and carrying no weapon. Aside from her fists, at least...
After having shown herself to the Crusaders, Rithrynn's eyes quickly turned back to Liaena as the Night Elf lowered herself a little down to get her head within range of Liaena's, before whispering.
"And be careful with that bow, Li! I plan to sell it and buy a real one with the money, you owe me if you manage to lose it!"
Those crinkled fingers almost seemed to appear as she stared at her own.
The Deep, aged, Ridges in the skin of the old mans hand.

The memories of that couple of minutes flooded back, distracting her from anything else.
She grew such a look in her eyes that seemed to suggest that she couldnt care about the situation.
Though, She was already without weapons, leaving all in her hands a cloth of Speckled Obsidian silk.


The reflection was odd, It was like staring into a great flicker of a million pictures. She watched her own mind as she wandered through the book of photos and played the Memory within her.


They Both sat near the ruins of an Old tower near Southshore, Long before it had been destroyed by the Scourge, They sat and spoke as Zenera felt she needed time to relax and the old hermit had apparently taken up residence.

He said, from a topic which had yet to begin "So... What's a Attentive girl like you doing out
here?" but Zenera had remained silent after he asked. He shook his head in silence
but as he seemed to be about scald her for silence Zenera had spoken and
turned to the ground "I'm out here Training..... Warlock training."

The Old man smiled, He smiled. Zenera saw and she was confused. All It did was make the man smiled as she looked at him Puzzled.
she spoke quickly "A... Aren't you afraid? Angry? filled with Righteous Indignation? Or... Duty to destroy me?" The Old man simply shook his head, What he said was "Do you like your training or what it provides?"

Zenera was silent and... Almost afraid to answer. THe Old man laughed "You hate it, Don't you?" She slowly nodded. The Old man stood up and said "I Dont need to hate you... You do that enough yourself"

The man had wandered away but Zenera had continued to sit there till old hours. Not sure what to do anymore but inevitably she returned to the Training.


Zenera had snapped from her memory to See Sharon staring at her with the Orc female too. It seemed she wasnt all too happy but Zenera didn't give her much eye contact.

She seemed to largely stare at her feet.
“I’m unarmed. No weapons. See?”

Glowering at Rithrynn, Gar’za raised an arm to make a quick gesture. A armoured and helmed human crusader walked forward from the ranks to remove the pile of weapons from Liaena’s arms, check them briefly and then retreat back into the body of the group. Liaena happily relinquished them, ignoring Rithrynn who was giving her a betrayed look. “My shineys!”

“Alright! Fall back, and move OUT!”

As they started moving again through the trees, Rithrynn, Liaena, Sharon and Zenera found themselves moving in a much more purposeful, swift direction southwest and constantly climbing. They had been centered mostly in the middle of the column, watched closely but unmolested. In the interests of personal security, Liaena skipped ahead of an angry-looking Rithrynn to walk with Sharon.

“That wasn’t so bad….”

Tucking an arm through Sharons, she beamed up at him. The grass was greener. The sun was, if not shining, less smoggy. The air smelt cleaner. Even the crusaders surrounding them looked remarkably friendly considering one of them had just shot their leader in the butt. “We did it, Sharon. We escaped! We --”

“Who’s your friend, Lass?”

The question came from a dwarf crusader walking along side them. He jerked a head at Zenera, who was still walking along in a trance-like state.

“Oh. She’s not my friend” Liaena replied automatically. “She’s a wa….uhhh…”

Two conflicting points of view collided in her head and came up with nothing but cinders. One stated that Zenera was evil, she hated her and there was no good reason to lie to crusaders, who were clearly their allies and would know what to do with such things. The other shrieked that there was always a good reason to lie about things, and the addition of one extra Nasty might be more than the irritated Gur’za was prepared to tolerate.

Temporarily systemised, she looked at the person who might have a better idea of how to deal with the situation, mainly because he was entirely responsible for creating it. “…Sharon knows her. He can explain?”
"Relax, Rithrynn. I'm sure they will take good care of them." Sharon said with a reassuring tone, trying to to calm Rithrynn's ire towards the treacherous human girl, yet he feared that his words fell on somewhat deaf ears as the Night Elf's eyes glared at Liaena as if she was attempting to incinerate her with her eyes alone.

"At least we're not dealing with potential hordes of undead wildlife and bloodthirsty zombies anymore... "

Sharon let out a sigh as he walked alongside the crusaders, with Liaena next to him. He was relieved to at least be done with the worst part of the journey... or so he hoped.

“…Sharon knows her. He can explain?”

At the girl's comment, Sharon looked over to Liaena, then to the curious Crusader, a stout, heavily bearded dwarf who looked up at them.
"Zenera, you mean?" Sharon cast a look further behind at Zenera who was following closely by.

At first, he was curious as to why Liaena hadn't just shouted out and told the Crusaders that she was a Warlock, but it didn't take long until Sharon understood why: Gar'za's patience was stretched thin as it was.
He could see the Orc walking ahead. The part of the arrow sticking out of her rear had been mostly removed, but the rest of it; including the tip; remained inside, and the Orc walked slightly odd, noticable every step she took.

Perhaps this was not the best moment to reveal that they had a Warlock in the midst. Something Sharon started to regret bringing in the first place...

"She is Zenera, a survivor of our crew." Sharon explained casually. He did not feel like mentioning that she was also a sorceress, as it could leave to further suspicion. While most Mages and people with knowledge of the arcane arts would be able to recognize what sort of collar she was wearing, Sharon could not see anyone who looked like a mage among the Crusaders.

"What 'be tha collar fer?" The Dwarf continued up, pointing at the collar around Zenera's neck.

"She was almost captured. We need to bring her to a blacksmith to remove it, we'd hope to find one in basecamp."

"Heh, smithies? We 'av plenty! Me brother and ay be both minors before we joined the Crusade, but he preferred to wield the 'ammer rather than risk his flanks in the field 'o glory. I bet'cha 'ol Bargbellow can remove that collar in but one hit!"

The Dwarf suddenly exclaimed, seemingly excited at the mention of Sharon needing a blacksmith.
Sharon rolled his eyes away for a moment, before looking back down at the dwarf, forcing a friendly smile on face as he looked back.

"Thank you, master Dwarf. Perhaps we will visit your brother. I will definately keep it in mind, thanks!"
"My bow!"

Rithrynn felt -outraged-. Fuming, burning, boiling!
The Night Elf glared at the human, Liaena, whom instinctively scurried away from her and into the protection of Sharon's arms.

It was only through a legendary feat of patience and self control that the Night Elf managed to constrain her own hands and keep them from launching themselves at Liaena's throat. This epic achievement, however, did little to soothe the Rithrynn's burning fury.
Sherpa happened to move inside of her bum, an action he would soon regret as the angry Night Elf clenched it together, and sent the tiny elf on a one way trip straight up into the darkness!
"I will not forget this, Li!" Rithrynn hissed silently to herself, grinding her teeth as she clenched her fists.

Breath one... pause... let go.

Breath two... pause... let go.

Breath three... pause... let go.

"If the Crusaders don't take good care of those weapons!"

Breath four... pause... let go.


Rithrynn finally let out a long sigh, deciding to try to bury it. However furious it made her, she did not want to the Orc the satisfaction of seeing her angry. In fact, if she noticed it, Rithrynn felt she might just have to gauge her eyes out!

The cold weather didn't even touch the Night Elf for the rest of the journey. If anything, it only helped her cool off as they walked through the forest and towards what she presumed would be the Crusader's base.
Finally, they crossed the hill, and before them came the outer city walls of the human city of Stratholme into view.

Beneath the mighty walls, she saw Crusaders camping. The walls themselves looked old and weary, old burn marks and injuries filled the fortifications, with multiple holes and breaches simply having been patched together by wooden planks, as well as walkways.
What little she could see of the city towers and buildings rising up behind the tall walls didn't look any prettier. More than half the towers were ruinied, either destroyed or burnt out.

As they walked down the hill through the woods, heading towards the outskirts of the city walls, Rithrynn spied Crusaders walking around some of the tents and fortifications put up outside the garrison.
Mainly humans and Dwarves, but she also scouted a few whom looked to be undead... and even a troll!

Rithrynn instinctively tried to make herself as small as possible, walking in the center of they group as the marched down the hill. But being the tallest person there aside from a single Draenei, it became a particulary difficult feat. And the suspicious eyes drawn to them, in no small thanks to their cultist outfits they were wearing, didn't do anything to improve the situation!

"Alright, buying a bow has officially become second priority! I need some new garments NOW!"
As the small party trooped towards the temporary settlement, Liaena had engaged herself in conversation with the Dwarf next to them. He seemed very happy to talk and needed very little prompting, espousing in everything from the current state of the weather, to that the last time they had made a sortie into Stratholme, they had found a, still fully equipped, blacksmiths forge. “—all terrible ill cared for with tha rust and tha mould, but tha coke and tha ore was still dry, coulda been left there yesterday. Good clean stuff, too and I sez to ol’ Bargbellow, mebbe this isn’t the halls o Ironforge, but dang me if summat these humans don’t know how to swing a hammer!”

“Oh, you’re from Ironforge?” Liaena enquired. “I thought you’d be a Wildhammer, being this far north”

“Ey, no Lass. Me and my bro, we prefer a good rock roof over tha head than clingin’ to the earth – still, each to his own. We got Wildhammers here, plenty enough. And orcs, plenty. And all sorts. The crusaders, we don’t pick an’ choose” He cast her a sharp look. “Somethin’ your friend, needs ter remember, alright?”

“Oh yes” Liaena said, nodding vigorously. “I’m so sorry. She’s just a –“ here she leant in and whispered something very fast to him, which made him let out a roar of laughter. “Is that so, now? Ya wee lass!”

“Corporal Stronginthearm. At. Ease.” Gar’za strolled up to the small group, glaring irritably. They had now walked right into the centre of the camp, and had stopped in what appeared to be a small courtyard or resting area surrounded by tents, with a few rough benches and a fire in the middle melting the snow.The orc was not the only one who was in a somewhat bad temper, Liaena could feel Rithrynns glower practically drilling itself into her brain.

“You –“ this was directed at Sharon “—will all remain here, under guard until the commander sees you. You will not move outta this area. If you require anything, if it is reasonable a crusader will bring it for you”

Shaking her head, she gave a ‘harrumph’ kind of snort. “and you’ll be getting something else to wear. Disguise, schmise, we don’t hold with those sort of insignias here. We clear?”
"Indeed, and most certainly; thank you, dear Captain. We all look forward to discarding these old rags, it has,-" But before Sharon could complete the sentence, the Orcish Captain had already turned and marched away - still with a small piece of the arrow sticking out of her buttock.

Given the arrow, Sharon couldn't claim to feel insulted or anything.
Or either way, he was sure the reason she left them so soon was to head over to the nearest proffessional doctor. Surely there was nothing wrong with them, or him!

"Well, that should give us some time before the Commander returns. Shall we have a sit?" Sharon suggested as he motioned towards the fire and the nearby benches.
The idea of a warm fire was particulary welcome in his mind, and a good log to sit down. If only they had a tent over their head, this would practically have been like camping!

But, of course, most normal (or sane) people probably didn't host anywhere near as dangerous camping trips as the one they had recently gone through...

"That be a good suggestion, lad. In fact, I'd be looking forward to hearin' yer tales. Wait'o a min, imma grab something fitting for the occasion!" The Dwarf suddenly exclaimed, and scurried off in a hurry towards one of the nearest tents. It didn't take long before the Dwarf suddenly emerged from the white sheeths after having disappeared into it, carrying a leather bag.

While the party had sat down, the Dwarven Crusader came up to them and placed the leather satchel on the table, pulling out two bottles of liquor as well as a glass for each of them. One of the bottles were dark orange, labeled "Southsea Rum", and the other "Stone Whisky".

"Don't mind tha Capt'n, Orcs aren't known for their customs. Name's Burnard Raggard. Maybe ye've heard of one o' tha best minin' families in all of Khaz Modan?" The Dwarf spoke fast, seemingly eager to meet new strangers, and Sharon slowly shook is head, though kept his friendly smile.

"It is an honor to meet you, Burnard. And... I can't say I do, Master Dwarf. I am a Mage, not a miner. It is perhaps better for me not to comment on something I do not know. Perhaps you could enlighten us?" Sharon felt a sudden itch, as if he was going to regret his last words there. Burnard's dark bearded face shone in an excited glee when he heard the words, and lifted one of the glasses.

"Of course, m'lad! But first, may I tempt ye with a drink?"

Sharon drew a little on the Dwarf's question. He was no stranger to this sort of heavy stuff, but less than a few days ago he had already been dragging across the floor.
Yet, a single glass he could surely take, and the High Elf slowly nodded, looking back at the Dwarf.

"Certainly, I'd love to share a drink." Sharon answered as he accepted one of the glasses, and poured himself a small glass of the whisky. The Dwarf cheerfully filled his own to the brim, before Burnard's gaze turned to Zenera, Rithrynn and Liaena.

"What'about cha', lassies? Care fer a drink wi 'ol Burnard? There be no need 'tha be sittin' in 'e cold, everybody's welcome! Ye be lookin' like ya cud be needin tha loosen up a bit after yer journey- especially that elven lass!"
Zenera's Silence may have seemed endless to the observant, to those
who watched her. It may have seemed like what ever she thought about
was important, or perhaps long-winded.

Perhaps it was both, A Long winded tale on a chance meeting
that has forced her to re-think some life long belief but such complexities couldnt be
seen on face value they had to asked and she seemed to secluded within her own head
to be asked that.

She heard her name several times but it solicited no form of reaction from her,
Neither the slave-collar comment or Her Reason for being where she is.
She found it odd, what she thought. It was like she had been taken back in time
and The two had been placed there instead.

Dalreema was probably still laying there, in the lonesome empty halls,
and Zenera wondered and thought on what might become of her.
She knew next to nothing about her but still... She wondered.

It was only by the sound of her own grumbling stomach and her parched lips that she realized she now sat on a log stump in the middle of An Argent crusade camp. A Dwarf staring at her, Liaena and Rithrynn. His Untidy but seemed ,asides from that, clean.

Still, Her thoughts tried to drive her back into her mind and decided she must keep out of it for now. So she quietly nodded at the Dwarf. For a moment, she was silent again until her stomach growled like starving wolf again and said "A.. And Some food, if you dont mind."

She stared up at the sky for a moment and wondered if her soul was truly destined for there or for some demons hell. She looked down and watched the dwarf again.
Rithrynn had taken a seat on one of the logs at the table, opposite of Liaena's side. She didn't very much like being commanded around by the Crusaders, especially not that Orc! But goddess knows, it was better than running from Blood Elves and Undead alike.
When the Dwarf suddenly asked them, offering them a drink, the Night Elf's eyes shot over to him in an instant. It was as if she did not believe what he had said at first, but then her gaze slowly became less intense and she waved her hand.

"No. The Goddess forbids such... " But she quickly paused, coming to the realization that making fun of a dwarf and his liquor was probably a bad idea, and so she simply shook her head, closing her eyes for a moment.
"Eehhh, no thanks."

The last thing she needed to make was even more enemies. The Argent Dawn had enough Orcs and Trolls to last her a small lifetime if she was going to have to deal with every single one of them.
She was just glad her Sentinel sisters did not know about her little tale and roundabout in the northern Kingdoms. Perhaps she would share some of it with them once she returned to Kalimdor, but definately not everything!

"But... I think my tubby friend would want some." Rithrynn suddenly smiled, an evil, malicious smile as the Night Elf motioned towards Liaena sitting at the other side of the wooden table.
"She is quite into intoxi- booze. She's even tried to make some herself, altough the stuff she makes has a tendancy to... blow up. I'm sure there is nothing that is too strong for her!"
“Aye, o course lassie - ah, really?” Burnard was oblivious to the rapidly dropping temperatures at the table, as he smiled good naturedly, turning to Liaena. “Tha so, Lass?”

Liaena was giving Rithrynn a freezingly livid glare across the wooden tabletop. Now however, her head whipped around to smile sweetly at the dwarf. “Oh. Yes. Shall I show you?”

Rummaging through her pockets, she rapidly set up a short line of potions in front of her on the table. One of them was the one she had threatened Rithrynn with earlier. “It’s all about the concentration, really. If you apply a high heat to the brew in the intermediate stage, you can get a higher strength in the finished article. More efficient. And easier to transport”

“Uh-huh…” Burnard looked a little confused as he eyed the set up, but soon rallied. “…so, are you a brewer then? I never tried any of what humans made before I came north, but y’know, it’s damn well grown on me”

“Well, I don’t actually brew beers per-say” Liaena smiled, picking up a vial and shaking it very hard. “I use ethanol, but Rithrynn’s very silly and doesn’t know the difference. It’s a very useful reactant though” – leaning across the table and swiping Sharons glass, she poured a small measure of her vial into the whiskey. The mixture immediately turned purple and started to bubble up uncontrollably, climbing its way out of the glass. – “and is very flammable”

Sticking her fingers into the glass, she flicked a couple of drops into the fire behind her. The conflagration roared up for a couple of seconds, belching out several puffs of purple smoke before settling down again. “Excellent for party tricks. And heartburn”

“Well, I’ll be….” The dwarf looked like he didn’t know whether to be angry at the loss of the whiskey or bemused at the job to which it had been put, before he started to laugh. “Ne’ way, Lassie! You drink tha?”

“Yup!” Liaena beamed, clearly delighted at the way in which the trick had gone down. More crusaders were milling around in the immediate vicinity, attracted by the strange set of events going down at the table. Rithrynn and Sharon by contrast, were edging away as she produced a pinch of dried leaf, added them to the glass and took a sip. “Mhmm, hmm—“


As Liaena breathed out, a thin trail of fire went with it, directed upwards and missing one of Rithrynns purple ears by a singing hairs breath. Burnard cheered, and there were a lot of gasps and murmuring from those hanging around to watch the show. Liaena meanwhile, was on fire. Thankfully not literally. “You should have seen what happened when I fed this to the cathedral cat. The dormitories were overrun, see, and she was a terrible ratter. In an hour? Double her weekly kill count. And I’m fairly sure the rest ran away”

“Ah cmon, Yeh can’t stop there” Bernard grinned. Nothing so interesting had happened in the camp since they had cleared the last of the ghouls out. He pointed at the next potion down the line, a large bulbous bottle with a head firmly sealed in wax. “That one there, what does it do!?”

“Oh, well, this one is a energy elixir of my own invention” Liaena smiled as she picked it up. Cradling it lovingly, she started to gently pull away the wax and ease the cork out. “It’s a great pep-me-up, but has an interestingly strong reaction when exposed to air. So basically, you can’t carbonate it, which was a shame. Here, I’ll show you…”
It was only through initiative, luck, and an awful lot of experience with the crazed Human that Rithrynn managed to dodge the fireball the human burped right up in the sky.

"Watch it!" The Night Elf exclaimed as she patted her hair to ensure that it was still intact. Granted, the wall of heat had been a welcome change from the otherwise cold and groggy weather. At least it had warmed her ear up.
But as she was busy tending to her hair, suddenly her guts started wringing, her heart skipped a beat, as if something was terribly, terribly wrong. As the Night Elf peered over to Liana, she saw the human working on uncorking one of the vials, blabbering away as she did so.

"Li... I don't think that's such a good ide... "
"So basically, you can’t carbonate it, which was a shame. Here, I’ll show you…”

As the cork slid up, a purple flame suddenly appeared.
That was all the warning signs Rithrynn needed, as the Night Elf suddenly threw herself over the table and right over Liaena and Sharon, pulling them both down with her and into the ground.

In a split second, the flame expanded, turning the bottle into a purple, pinkish rocket, and it pressed itself down against the table before toppling over and sliding across the table in full speed, leaving a sparkling trail behind it!
The Dwarf Burnard barely had time to gasp before he leaned back, just as the bottle flew straight at him and ricocheted off his tankard like a bullet, and up into the air where it performed all sorts of crazy, half-witted airborne manouvers like uncontrollable spins and loops above the camp ground!

Meanwhile, back on the ground, a familiar face had returned: The Orcish Captain.
She was strolling towards the center of the spectating Crusaders when she looked up, and saw the crazy air-show, courtesy of Li the even crazier alchemist.

"By Grom's corrupted balls, I'll be da,-" But Gar'za did not manage to finish her sentence, before the bottle took a sharp turn, diving down towards the ground, and right at the feet of the orcish captain.
As the vial-potion-rocket-thingy smashed in the ground, it caused a purple explosion with a loud roar, the purple mist consuming the orc entirely!

The Crusader's gasped in awe, shock, and horror. As the smoke lifted, Gar'za was no longer standing there, but suddenly 20 feet further back, in the freezing mud and lying on her back.
Slowly but surely, the Orc managed to sit up, but as her eyes fell down on her hands, her jaw suddenly dropped almost to the ground when she saw that her skin had gone from green, to pink!

Rithrynn lifted herself up from Liaena and Sharon whom she had both smoshed firmly down into the snow. But as comical as the two may have looked to her, or the fact that she had just saved possibly all three of them, Rithrynn threw Liaena a strict, scrutinizing look!

"Li, what in Elune's name were you thinking? Are you insane?!"
There was a spark, then a flesh, then a flying Rithrynn crashing into them, before Sharon and Liaena were thrown back and into the soft snow under the big Night Elf.

"Omfhh!" Sharon let out a gasp of discomfort as he was smashed by the Night Elf. As Rithrynn finally pushed herself up, the High Elf heard a loud bang outside his field of view as whatever potion Liaena had created crashed into... something.

"Li, what in Elune's name were you thinking? Are you insane?!"

As much as Sharon felt like commenting Rithrynn's intervention, he was still grateful for it. More than that though, he felt himself wondering a similar question, and the High Elf turned to look at Liaena lying next to him.

"Actually, Li... what sort of potion was that?" The High Elf asked in a calm manner. As the Night Elf finally removed herself from them, Sharon bad barely gotten back up on his knees before he suddenly saw the cause of the explosion - Gar'za, the Orcish Captain, now pink. Along with most of the snow around her.

And she was eying them, coming right at them!

"By the light, Liaena. What have you done now?!"
"By the light, Liaena. What have you done now?!"

“Nothing…” Liaena whispered nervously. Lifting herself out of the snow, she watched the orc captain look at herself up and down, then make for the little group with blood rage in her eyes, grabbing Liaena by the scruff of her neck and hoisting her right off the ground.

“YOU! What in the flamin’ fires of the burnin’ legion were you doin’, you brainless, honorless wretch!? Give me one good reason why I don’t clap ya in irons, hmm?”

The infuriated orc bellowed and Liaena cringed where she hung swinging from her fists. “Uh…I can get the antidote for you?”

There was a moments pause when Gar’za seemed to remember she was a brilliant shade of florescent pink, and attracting quite a few stares, before her glare swung back to Liaena doing her best to produce a winning smile. “We have physicians, pinky. Be a cold day in hell before I submit to your hands”

“Well…if you’re sure. I mean, I’m sure they could handle it” Liaena returned, anxious doubt dripping on every word. “It’s up to you of course, but I do know the recipe and it took a bit of a while to figure out last time. Days, maybe…”



Gar’za’s face worked through expressions of all known proportions and shades of red before she finally dropped Liaena on the ground and grabbed her shoulder, propelling her sharply in front of her. “You – your comin’ with me to the hospital NOW. And YOU” – her head swung round to glare ferociously at Sharon and Rithrynn. “you stay there, or I’ll throw you ALL in the cells!”

Liaena turned around as she was pushed away by the agitated orc to smile at Sharon and Rithrynn. “ah, see you guys later, I expect”
Rithrynn's eyes followed Liaena as the human was walked away by the Orc. A part of her asked her why she wasn't even doing anything about her. By Elune, they were taking Liaena away!

An Orc, taking Li, along with her? That's the second worst thing to a Demon taking Li along with her!

"Are we really going to let the green freak take Li?" Rithrynn asked to Sharon as she got back on her feet, brushing snow flakes off her robes and armor. Helping the High Elf back on his feet, she threw her a concerned look.
"I mean, Li and that Orc? She can't even defend herself! Li is only dangerous when in the proximity of something she can create a disaster with, like alchemy or technology."

The Night Elf hated letting Liaena go.
The thought of Liaena getting beat up by an Orc did not fall in well with her. Nobody was ever going to beat Liaena up, her bestest non-Night Elf friend, other than Rithrynn herself!

The Crusaders weren't really that high on her concern list. She was confident she could outrun them all if things got out of control.
But she wasn't quite sure of how Sharon would approve of the idea, or her getting him into big trouble with the Crusaders whom were supposedly his allies.
Granted, how he had survived relatively unharmed with Liaena for all that time was a small mystery in its own right, one that the Night Elf may never hope to really find an answer to.

"What if she really messes it up this time? I mean like really bad, even worse than all the other times!?"
The Fights, The confrontations, The Explosion of Mist and the Smell of chemicals with a
sweet smell that tickled the hairs of her nose, They all passed like wind in the mountain.
It was like she couldn't do anything but slowly Eat the food and drink the sustenance,

As the Breeze that came with each motion, that came with All the people in the camp, played with the flow of everyone around her it unwound Zenera's hair till , as the Orc charged at Liaena, It blew out into long s carpet of Rough hair.

Long Strings of black Dirt Stained Hair gathered around her ears and with a relieved sigh she came to realize that she needed a clean but with no where to wash herself She simply sat there to watch.

The Orc grabbed Liaena and for a second she felt the urge to stand to defend her but that quickly died to quickly fade from memory. Then, as she dragged Liaena away, She told the orc. "Don't Forget, Pink-skin, I am here as well... "
"I wouldn't worry too much, Liaena knows how to take care of herself." Sharon commented as he was helped back on his feet by the Night Elf whom had earlier given both him and Liaena a nice crush, from which he was still recovering.

"Remember, the Orc answers to a Human, most likely. And the vast majority of the Crusaders in this camp are Dwarves and Men. It is highly unlikely that they would let the Orc ever touch her, and that is assuming the Orc would even wish to." The High Elf explained as he gave Rithrynn a nice pat on her back as he attempted to reassure the worried Night Elf who was obviously worried about what would happen to Liaena.
It was understandable, however, to Sharon. Rithrynn and Liaena may have had their disputes, but they both tended to stick out for each other when real danger lurked.

Altough Sharon hesitated to call the Argent camp any real danger. Most of the men, and women, serving the Crusade were devoted to fighting evil in its purest manifestation.
The fact that they were still alive, and that there had been next to no cult activity in the area lately should leave them mostly safe from even the most zealous crusader.

"Whew, did you see the look on 'er facc?! Never seen tha Capt'n that red before!" Burnard suddenly commented, the Dwarf having followed the whole ordeal since Liaena's potion had gone airborne and swooped throughout the airspace before dive bombing the Orcish captain, and he looked rightly surprised and spooked.
"She hasn't been that angry before! Well, at least not since I last made a friendly joke about the similarities between Goblins and Orcs, but... "

However, the Dwarf lowered his voice the moment he saw Sharon motion him to shut up with his finger across his mouth, nodding towards the rather concerned Night Elf standing next to him. The Dwarf cast Rithrynn a short look, noticing the distressed expression on her face, before he slowly nodded in acknowledge to Sharon's hint.

"Ah... uhh, well, "Gazzy" is a real fine green lassie. I'm sure 'er and the human will be best friends in no time! Well, unless Dr. Mad-Susy is fond of pet rats, that is... "
The staff milling around the medical centre looked up and stared in astonishment as a bright pink orc stormed in, dragging a young woman along by the arm. Heavily conscious of all of the eyes focused upon her, the embarrassed Gar’za shoved her way past the work benches and empty stretchers into the technical lab beyond, pushing Liaena into the room with her and slamming the door.

Inside, it was fairly dark and quite warm. The orc let go of her to grumble expletives to herself as Liaena’s greedy eyes spun around the room, taking in the shelves of bottles, the small cauldrons, the rare and powerful reagents. The couple of alchemists working busily at their desks looked up for a moment, glancing at Gar’za before returning to their papers. It was nothing they had not seen before.

“Rrrgh….right. You get this…dye offa me, and yer not in quite so much trouble fer assultin’ an officer” Gar’za growled. The young woman seemed to be hanging onto her every word as she stared at her anxiously, and more than a little scared. Prob’ly not such a great idea to make her cry, but dammit, this colour was annoying. “Sidmund will keep an eye on yeh….what’re yeh doin’?”

Liaena had produced a piece of paper and a scrap of paper out of her pocket and was scribbling on it busily. “Uh….these are the ingredients I need. For the antidote. Please?”

Sidmund, a fairly young human alchemist had put down his work to wander over and tug the list gently out of Liaena’s hands as she handed it to Gar’za. “Hmm….dreamweed, rotwood. Brackthorn. Moonpetal” He gave her a slightly reproving look. “Some of these materials are quite rare and expensive. Captain?”

“I’m sorry! It’s just….I need it” Liaena squeaked. Tears threatened to spill out of her eyes as she quailed under the orcs glare. “For the antidote…it’s the only thing that’ll do…”

“Rrgh, just let her have it man!” Gar’za hissed. Pointing Liaena after Sidmunds retreating back irritably, she turned to move out of the door. “I’ve gotta send a boy, apologise to the commander. No way I’m walkin’ round camp lookin like this. And YOU…be quick”

Liaena strolled after Sidmund, looking quite self-satisfied now nobody was looking at her face and not terrorised at all. “Yes ma’am. Of course”
Rithrynn gave Sharon an odd look as she simply stared at him, still holding onto his arm she had used to pull him up.

"You do realize that they're going to take her to an infirmary... which most likely has a lab of some sort... which most likely has a lot of ingredients. Very, very many ingredients. And that Orc is probably going to let Liaena do whatever she wish in there to bring her the antitode."


"And I highly doubt the Orc has any real notion about alchemy whatsoever. Especially not an 'alchemist' of Li's sort."

Rithrynn could already imagine it. A colourful mushroom cloud blooming up over the camp from what had once been the infirmary, all courtesy of Liaena Rune.
The Night Elf knew Liaena could be quite thick in the noggin, but the she didn't believe that her noggin, no matter how tough or hard to come through at times; was anywhere near 100% explosion proof!

"I don't care what the green hog said. Orcs are dumb anyway. We need to look after Liaena! We can't under any circumstances allow that human to freely roam a near-decent or better laboratory! Think of the damage she can do to herself... and the rest of the camp!"

Instinctively, Rithrynn had already dragged the High Elf a few meters through the snow during her talk.
She was itching to go after Liaena. Rithrynn didn't really imagine herself storming through the infirmary and kidnapping, Liaena, however. Some clever observation first was perhaps the best course of action.

She didn't really need to pick yet another fight with the Crusaders if it was avoidable. After all, did Sharon's authority even reach that far?
"I strongly doubt Liaena is going to blow up the entire camp, Rithrynn. That is just,-"

"Whoah-whoah-whoah!!" The Dwarf suddenly interrupted as he waved his arms around and stormed infront of them, looking up at both of them.
"Blow up the WHAT?!"

Burnard gave Sharon a shocked stare, or as shocked as a Dwarf could look. Sharon moved a little on his head, avoiding the Dwarf's eyes for a moment, before the High Elf turned to gaze down at the Dwarf before him.
"Well, Liaena - the human girl whom sat at our table and the Captain took away just now - is also an eager alchemist. She may not have a doctor degree or anything like that, but she absolutely adores alchemy."

Sharon turned to his right to peer up at Rithrynn, at the same time standing up straight after having been dragged a few extra meters by the concerned Night Elf.

"And... Rithrynn here, is just slightly worried she will cause a mess. Which she surely won't,-"

"Surely won't?!"

The Dwarf interrupted him as he spoke, before pointing at the large, purple and pink font of snow a little further where Liaena's 'purple rocket potion' had hit Gar'za moments earlier.

"If she could do that with some ingredients she found in the trees, imagine whot she can do at a laboratory!" Burnard exclaimed before he turned towards the direction Gar'za and Liaena had taken off.
"I'll show ye to the infirmary. I agree with the pink elf, we gotta stop that girl from brewing a real disaster. Com'n you two!"

And with that, Burnard marched ahead like a Dwarf going to battle to save the world. Behind him, Sharon let out a low sigh, still being held by Rithrynn.

"I guess that abolishes my illusion of having a peaceful stay."

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