I like the new cooking, we've gotten so many new ingredients.. some are stackable and some aren't, why? wouldn't it be easier if everything was stackable. It takes up so much space in my backpacks


What isn't stackable? Vegetables etc. stack to 200, meat and fish - as before - to 20. Black Pepper, Soya, and Rice Flour stack too (iirc to 20).

Special cooking bags are coming in 5.1 - or at least they are in the PTR now, not guaranteed that they make it to live of course.
Yeah well I meant it would be easier if everything was stackable to 200 with the ingredients, why can I stack up 200 jades, but not 200 fish?;-)
I like the new cooking too. One thing that I would like would be the introduction of a cooking bag or possibly some storage facility like a fridge or something on our farms. All the mats, seeds and created foods are taking up much space in my normal bags.
I like it too, but I also want to see my current two specializations in the Armory. By heart (don't have access to WoW at this time, only in the evenings) I have Way of the Brew and Way of the Oven. That is not displayed yet. Some recipes require a specific Way (one of the available Ways that you get after completing related quests).

I also want to have this applied to other professions. Cooking is becoming real interesting since MoP. :)

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