Suggestion for classes/character creation

I think class lore should be emphasized more in the character creation and ingame. It would be easy to write a couple short paragraphs about what each class means to each race, and how they came to be. For example, I'd like to know how goblins came to embrace the Light, or why orcs can suddenly be mages.

Also, bring back epic class quests. I read something along those lines is being done in MoP for warlocks, but I'd like more of such questlines every milestone level (like monks, but not so copy-paste). I remember how much of a feat it was to get the epic warlock mount way back when. I'm not saying withhold important game elements behind time-consuming questlines, but offer good rewards for class-specific quests. For pvp, have class-specific achievements and quests. All that would reduce the pain of rerolling and make each class more of a different experience.
I agree with this. Players should learn about the backgrounds of the classes and how to play the class, not only by playing in dungeons and practicing on dummies, found in most capital cities.

The quests the Monks get, make me think of class quests where you learn to use some of the abilities.

Something similar should also be for other classes.

Besides that there should be healing and tanking class quests.

A healing quest is a quest where an NPC must fight a tough mob. The NPC has tanking abilities and you won't overaggro him. That mob is way stronger than the NPC and if he doesn't get heals the NPC dies and you failed. With proper heal rotation you will keep the NPC alive. When the mob is dead and the NPC is still alive, you complete the quest.

A tank quest is a similar quest, with a weak NPC attacking a strong mob. You must try to get the attention of the mob and see that the NPC doesn't get too much damage. The NPC's has roughly the same amount of DPS as a normal damage dealing char. Also here: when the NPC's dies you fail doing the quest. If the mob dies and you and the NPC are both yet alive, you complete the quest.

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