Suggesion: Making a vanilla-realm

funny that these threads have a pattern :p

1: OP states that he misses old content/thinks current content is crap, and wants vanilla or tbc realms
2: Someone agrees with the OP and adds in the trashing of the current state of the game
3: Someone gets mad and says 'blizz already said no!'
4: Someone refers to the search function
5: Someone says to take the nostalgia tinted glasses off.

(2, 3, 4 and 5 not speciafically in that order)

More and more threads like these pop up every day it seems.

OT: well I also miss the old feel of the game but that is past and only nostalgia remains.
What I do think is a valid idea is one realm (sort of test) that starts with vanilla, then after a few months goes to tbc, then wotlk etc until it becomes a normal realm.
Won't ever happen ofc :)
Except, OP did not state that the current content is crap. And the one who agreed with him didn't say that either. Also, no one seems to have gone mad over it.

So... 4 and 5?
16/10/2012 10:39Posted by Ðiqq
Well i'm not sitting at the wow forum the whole day - don't know if you do, but it's sounds like it - actually this is my first time a the forum :-)

It is general forum etiquette. First do a search and then - if you cannot find the topic - you start a new one. This is not only etiquette of this forum but of any forum.

And honestly who cares if this suggestion have been posted before, if you hate seeing it so much why just ignoring it and answer some threads you find relevant? :P

It will push more relevant topics from the first page of the forum. If they are pushed on the 2nd, 3rd, etc. page, they may get less attention than they deserve.

Furthermore I like playing MoP, so for me there is no problem, but when I see so many people talking about it I don't really understand why Blizzard are not offering this service when there clearly is a "marked" for it.

That market will die out soon. It is a no-go and a waste of money when people on those realms get bored and abandon their characters. Blizzard are a company that want to make profit, and don't want to let money go down the drain.
To OP: Yes, please bring it. I wanna have that too. I started at TBC, dont know how it was before that.

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