An unwillingness to help.

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Personally, I've gotten in the habit of not helping people too often in WoW unless they are guild.

Reason being what you said yourself for the most part.
While most likely not intended by Blizzard the result is that which you see.
You are far more likely to have unhappy and uncomfortable experiences in wow compared to SOME (huge emphasis on that word) other games.

As you mentioned yourself GW2 is different in this regard and i agree it encourages helping others.

If i were to compare my experiences, I'd say i helped probably 10 times more people in one month of GW2 than i did in the past 2-3years of WoW. Not because i don't want to help people, but because it is frowned upon by many people. Last week i tried helping someone who i believed was afk, with some mobs that almost killed him. Healed him at first, then started killing the mobs on him, only to be met with a very friendly "Dude F** Off". That's where my good will ended and i continued to my own selfishness.

I honestly recommend toughening up if you plan on continuing through this game. There is really not much leeway in that regard. And for overall helping experience, continue with GW2.
Basicly he doesn't want to get ganked either, the same thing happens in my server.

None helps me and I don't help others most of the times because the ratio is crazy, I was doing dailies for Golden Lotus yesterday and I was counting who was there, me and another mage and like 15 allies or something like that, we both got ganked frequently.

I wouldn't try to help you if you get swarmed by 10 players because I know I would get ganked, not trying to be a jerk but thats how people have acted towards me and how I see it rigth now, if its 2vs2 I try to help if I notice not in swarming situations, I won't do anything to 10vs1 so its not worth to die.

Obviously the others player acted like an !@# by laughing and talking crap but thats another story.

Oh and I have actually been dumb in the past and tried to help and the people I helped ran instead of helping me back in those situations in the same quest hubs, like HSing and letting me die :P.
In addition what Taepsilum said, I have also positive experiences as well. That is mainly getting relevantly buffed, for example Fortitude fom a Priest or MotW regardless the class of my char, or Arcane Brilliance from a Mage on spellcasting chars and healers (when I am playing a Warlock or a Priest) or something.

Or I get in trouble, low health (mostly because I unintendedly attacked an Elite mob) then there is a player nearby that gives a heal, tanks (using his tank abilities from a Prot or Ret Pala for example) or help DPSing to down that mob faster.
16/10/2012 14:30Posted by Zazkya
There was a forum topic made a while back about a person who hated it when other people helped them, they saw it as an insult, or as the other player trying to be heroic and demand thanks etc. Surprisingly, quite a few people actually agreed with the OP of that topic. It may be one of the reasons why people don't help - not because of the forum post itself, but because of the sentiment behind it.

I was thinking about that all the time while reading through this.

Aye, lots of regulars posted on it. I can't seem to find the actual topic though; I think it got deleted.

I usually help though, and I have had positive experiences of other people helping me. You do occasionally meet some not very nice people (or perhaps you are very unlucky and meet lots of unpleasant people) but there are lots of nice helpful people about as well.
First problem is mob tagging problem. If blizz made mobs shareable (like in GW2), there would be more ppl that will healp each other ;). Most ppl are selfish and want to progress on their own.
I rarely see people on the brink of death, but I do sometimes, and I can't remembering NOT helping them. I do it a lot when people actually need it.

When I was leveling in Pandaria, in some cave in Kun-lai, there was this gnome mage that pulled so many mobs that he ended up really close to dying, think he iceblocked on 5% hp or something like that. Now, I didn't really feel like helping out the guy because he was a jerk stealing my mobs (no really, he did it on puropse) but I decided to help anyway so I heroic leaped to his location and used recklessness and bladestorm and killed them all off. He looted them all and then ran away. Now, I know that he doesn't have to thank me in any way but still, couldn't you at least show a little appreciation?

Something that's odd is that I also help hordes sometimes, and every time I've helped a horde, they've thanked me. If this is because they're more polite in general or if they're just scared that I'll kill them if they don't thank me is something I don't know.
What is the main cause for that behaviour as OP wrote?

Nothing like MVP written. You are mistaken!
It's simple, compare 2 games WoW and GW2:
What is difference that make gameplay cooperative and not competitive?
In WoW you have to compete for every mob and if you tag it no one else helping you out doesn't have any benefit for it. No loot, no experience, no quest drops, NOTHING. So why should anyone helping you if they need to search for their own mobs and compete with others? I don't help, because I don't want to waste my time on something that doesn't bring me any benefit. I would if I would at least get quest progress or quest items I need. But no, I have to search for more mobs. What does also this bring into game? More need of mobs. They need to respawn faster to satisfy needs of everyone. There must be more mobs around and so on. I personally more love style of GW2 in this light.

In addition to all of that, you will often find that helping others just doesn't pays off. You help them and they don't thank you, they even go and steal your next kill or don't help you back in need. No one buffs anyone anymore and WoW has just began single player experience game. I don't call WoW MMO anymore. It's not. It doesn't support cooperative play, but punishes it.
Real MMO game support cooperative play, like GW2 has. WoW is single player game with addition to play cooperative mode with friends in group, dungeons and raids and ofc MMO AH. Nothing else. Every other aspect of the game is single player. Even in BG's people play single player game. Most of people play and do there just for their own benefit = farming HK's and KB's.
I will always help out a player if I think they have bitten off more than they can chew, even if they are Horde.
One thing I feel is that the WoW players are no longer very friendly towards each other. I think it is mainly due to the long age of WoW. Bad experience from some bad deeds had spread like cancer. One player had been mistreated by others like to do the same to another who had nothing to do with the mistreatment to get a feeling some sort of "revenge". This situation grew wrose when cross-realm LFD/LFR had been implemented because in these pugs players can do something extremely annoying and get away without any sort of consequences. I think some discipline measure is badly needed here, even a simple like/dislike option would help alot, at least it can prevent some players who had bad experience towards each other from meeting again. If a player consistently misbehave, he/she is at risk of nobody would be able to group with via the LFD/LFR tool.
Also, as others had said above GW2 encourage co-operative play styles in its system, you revive a unknown player you get experience reward, no mob-tagging, no competition on the gathering nods, I think these are the things WoW could learn as well.
16/10/2012 16:43Posted by Taepsilum
Sometimes we also assume the worst out of people and that has a tendency to spread, I’ll give you an example, “ninja need rolls” in LFD seem to be quite a hot topic nowadays because of how the LFD looting system works, still, I’d say that probably around 95% of my personal experience in LFD is “ninja” free, and sometimes what seems like pure greediness has some logical reasoning behind it that you might or might not agree to.

Actually, out of my recent dungeon runs, approximately 75% of loot that I'd want has been rolled on for OS versus my MS (in blatant and unashamed violation of what is considered polite conduct) or even for no reason at all (I've had Strength rings needed on by casters), then approximately 66% (I have nasty luck) of that loot has been won by the offending player, and in about 80% of those situations the player immediately drops group because it was not an accident and they knew exactly what they were doing.

I might have just had a bad experience but it's getting to the point where I'm starting to avoid dungeons, and when I do run one, I specifically request that the tank does not ninja my gear at the start of the dungeon (they have done so anyway every single time).
16/10/2012 10:26Posted by Carlieth
So i ask again why the unwillingness to help?

Blizzard promotes anti-social behaviour, this game is largely solo-play bar a few aspects such as raiding and arena - even random bgs which are meant to be won with team work have deteriorate into players only furthering their own agenda.

Don't get me started on LFR/LFG/CRZ all of these "great" features have exasperated the situation to the point where speaking to someone has become an inconvenience.
16/10/2012 18:12Posted by Nummy
In WoW you have to compete for every mob and if you tag it no one else helping you out doesn't have any benefit for it. No loot, no experience, no quest drops, NOTHING.

Apart from that feeling you get when you help someone else.

I have seen both egotistical behaviour and really helpful behaviour on ED and in CRZ lately, from the people turning Vot4W into the new Barrens chat, people stealing kills and nodes in front of you nose (we're counting score in our guild on whcih guild has the most ninjas in them, you know the type, the ones that see you fighting just near a node and swoops in) and on the other end those who throws a dot at your mob in passing, sends a renew, buffs up or helps out with mobs.

If I see a player in distress, I help. I'm buffing random people questing and throwing dots or dragging Starfall over to nearby mobs on purpose. If I see people fishing in a school I go to another school. It's to me common decency and it makes me feel good about myself, and once in a blue moon there's a positive effect to it. The person either helps someone else down the line or remembers me and helps me out later on.

While at 89 near Nizaou (spelling?) temple my npc scan went off for a rare. I was gathering guildies,, but they were all in other zones and a horde hunter tagged it just 5 yards from me. I stood by and waited, expecting him really to die, for then to tag it myself (it's a hordeling after all, and I also needed the rare), but he didn't.
He didn't manage to kill it himself either though, the panda just healed himself up from 50% to 100 in one go (I must admit I giggled abit). After 15 minutes I had to appreciate his patience and just helped him get it down.
Now, what happened was that some other horde saw us just as we were on the last 15%. Now, every time those two are near me in my dailies they dot my tagged mobs, which is very nice. And I do the same :)

I got nothing out of that one incident. I do however get something back every two-three days ;)

And today I heard from a guildie that someone saw her skinning, and the druid flew off to the next pack instead of starting at the same pack! There's others out there as well ;)
To OP, I've actually noticed completely the opposite since the start of MoP. Everyone ive been seeing and playing with on my realm have started to be more friendly and helpful. Even between the horde/alliance there's been less hate (i know im not on a pvp realm but still). People are helping others kill mobs when things get crazy and no-one seems to be getting angry.

This is only my experience though, doesn't reflect the game as a whole.
People in WoW are rude and Blizzard has let them get away with it. Say Warcraft to people on the street and they know the players are rude purely by reputation, then they might know something about the game.

LFR or cross-realm are not excuses, people act like that because they are like that and that is the market Blizzard went for. They dragged kids into an MMO before they even developed proper social skills. Even if those people have now grown up and developed social skills they lose those online because that is how they are used to it being.

There is no hope anymore really, and I hope that out of all the other things Blizzard do in WoW2 they take some action against people who are rude and sort out the community early on.

Clearly not everyone is like that, but in a game where you can get away with selling your guild, or tagging a world boss and selling entry to your group then Blizzard only have themselves to blame.
Can't wait until my sub runs out, this game makes me sick. Going back to gw2.
Hello there Carlieth,

I think the important things to note have already been said. I just wished to add some small experiences of my own.

See, I enjoy flying around the world to find new nooks and crannies to crawl in, hoping to find something shiny or rare or beautiful. In doing so, I come across the occasional adventurer who is busy questing. Recently, I came across a few cases where I noticed the allied player was in some serious trouble. Being a healer, I just can't let that pass. So I swoop in, put a shield on them and heal them up.

Even without them saying anything, I could feel the relief on their side. In all the cases, I got a friendly or even heartfelt 'thank you!'

To be honest, I don't expect help from others. That's why I pick a role that I feel is most in control of pretty much any situation. Healing does that for me. Even if I don't expect others to do the same, if I set the example and sow friendliness, I hope to harvest some later on. You'll never know, right?
16/10/2012 18:37Posted by Marinata
Can't wait until my sub runs out, this game makes me sick. Going back to gw2.

And people getting sick over a game has always made me scratch my chin and wonder how a person gets like that....


I never left GW2, I play both :P
The other day I saw a player fighting Scritch in Kun-Lai. As he picked up few wandering mobs I needed for a quest anyway I tried to aggro them off (without touching rare) and threw also some heals at the player (I keep only ones which does not cancel Shadowform on my action bars). Unfortunately, he died and Scritch at 30% health turned against me.

I killed him in the end and received the loot along with some bad names from the player upon his return to body..

I agree with the first post and I like to help to others no matter of faction, I don't mind throwing some spells here and buff there or cast a res on an ally. I don't expect them to do the same for me but I also don't expect them to be rude in return. I may sound a bit aggrieved there. I just want to say I will think about helping someone next time as the good intention does not always meet gratitude.
16/10/2012 18:37Posted by Ruubik
Say Warcraft to people on the street and they know the players are rude purely by reputation

I seriously doubt it.

I'd guess you're more likely to hear things related to nerds, is for kids, addiction, living in a fantasy world, wasting money and Norway.
It's been a long time since I felt and urge to help anyone. With CRZ situation just got worse. I actually wish anyone in world would just get pwnd and stop stealing my mobs, quest objects and resources I need. Anyone I see is just another obstacle on my way and huge waste of time.

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