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The world bosses are a great idea, however Galleons respawn timer is ridiculous and unfair. It appears you can share the tag (player from original group leaves and starts a new raid) but since the community has gone to !@#$ this isn't happening.

On high population servers it means that a very tiny fraction get to kill him each week.

Do Blizzard really expect us to camp his spawn location on the off chance we might get the tag? Really poor design.
The respawn time is indeed too long. Should be 2-6 or 2-8 hour respawn time.
Coming from a tiny realm i can see this messing up a lot. Even on our realm it's down within hours after it spawns, if the spawn timer would be less than a day, then low pop realms would gear up a lot faster than high pop realms.

And if they make it like the sha of anger it would just be a lame bh style weekly boss which would suck too.

I would love to see it change into a really challenging boss, like a heroic world boss so that you need a big group of SKILLED people to kill it, now it's just a faceroll whenever he's spawned and whoever manages to get a full group and tag it gets the kill.
I think it should either be

1. Made extremely difficult
2. Removed entirely
3. Have an extremely reduced respawn timer similar to Sha of Anger

Personally I would prefer either option 1 or 2, then again they won't change anything anyway.
World bosses are a terrible idea. Then again, so were VOA/TB bosses due to faction imbalances. They should really just turn them into PUG-able (accesible through LFR?) Onyxia style raids, seeing how you can only get loot once per week anyway.
i hate this crap we have wait for galleon 3.5 days now no spawn! wonder what dafuq this !@#$ is!
Fully agree with the respawn timer, It's ridiculous, atleast 1 spawn per day or two days.
Why ? It's a RARE boss for a reason. He's supposed to be different than Sha of Anger.
When the 'rare boss' drops BiS loot its a different story, if it was just a mount he dropped then i couldn't care less.

Gives me the feeling i have to play 24 hours a day to see this guy if i am lucky. It's the same reason sha of anger got buffed, it's about balance. So i ask, please buff his respawns.
Killed him 4 times so far, don't see a problem with his respawn time.
I don't mind the respawn timer at all. What I hate is when he dies while I'm at work.
Fantastic when he is most always killed like 5-6 in the morning every 3 days or so and today was even better. Instead of putting up the realms at 11 as they announced, they put them up at 9.40~ and spawn Galleon.

I have yet to kill Galleon/War Band or whatever you wanna call it a single time since release and I have a decent amount of online time.
Change it already. The fact that its related to server restarts is just ridiculous, it's time you change it, I've already deleted all my chars on my main account due to this imbalanced !@#$.
Didn't get him at all last week, today I logged in 6 minutes after open and a raid was already killing him. Couldn't get an invite. Now he's not going to spawn again this week or if he does there's a low chance I'll be seeing it early enough for a raid invite. And my guild's dead so can't do mogu; pugs only want ranged. LFR doesn't drop loot. ok, rant over
No thanks. I like him having a long respawn timer. I even got a 40-man raid (with extra players) in half an hour yesterday at 11:00.
16/10/2012 15:12Posted by Mokkî
I don't mind the respawn timer at all. What I hate is when he dies while I'm at work.

This.. I dont know how the timer works But on my server i get updates at 10:00 Am- 16:00 when hes up.. This means hes killed before im even capable of doing it.

This is resembling the vanilla bosses more then id like them to. Especially when there is around 400-500 level 90ies on the server, only 80 people get to kill him each week...

"No thanks. I like him having a long respawn timer. I even got a 40-man raid (with extra players) in half an hour yesterday at 11:00. "

Why would you not want others to kill him as well? That is beyond me...
GC said Galleon is more for organised groups, and that's why the respawn is so long.

So if it's for organised groups why is it SO GOD DAMN EASY? Seriously, you can kill this boss with 40 people under level 90.
This is most frustrating BOSS ever. Last week we camped Galleon with guild, rotating ppl. Hours and hours of camp, and for what? Today the raid that engage him didn't want to share tag, they killed him and babay loot. Now again hundred hours of camp. Perhaps blizz want to see us camping that place. At least they should give us some AH and Bank NPC'S in that place if they want us there.
I see it once. I were level 87, day 2 after MOP's release. Worst than the time-lost proto drake. A shame for a so called new feature of MOP.
Who is that person Galleon anyways?

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