[Would be nice]Raid spectator mode!

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As the title suggests,it would be nice if there was a way to spectate your guldies while they are raiding.

I was on standby ingame while i could hear all the fun on TS, so i thought it would be nice if i could spectate them.

You can also try learning tacts from guildies who have already completed these raids.

Thats all!
Actually, that is a pretty good idea. Nice one!
I wouldn't mind spectators, as long as its guild only. Wouldn't want random people spectating and hurling abuse or belittling every failure.
Yeah, thats what i thought too.
Bump for good idea :)
You know what? That IS a good idea.
Not only would it be nice to watch, it'd be a good way to get tips and visual experience for the encounters, no?
Excellent idea
Spectators for PVP battles.
If this will be ever implemented they should also implement option to turn it off and raid chat as well as /s and /y must be invisible all the time. Last thing we need is being reported for language or being OOC on RP realms during the raid.
So raiders need to be able to set up access for 'outsiders', 'guildies', 'raid members' and visibility of chats for every raid. Of course most of them will just turn spectator option off and will never use this feature again.
It's not bad at all, but I think the videos captured by players with YT accounts does a much better job. I think the reason why this doesn't exist is because of the bandwidth, and with so many players across the world raiding at the same time, I'm willing to bet you don't want to pay for their bandwidth costs. If that's not the problem, then go ahead.
Wow, this thought has struck me many times, and I was a bit suprised to see it here :) but it IS a really good idea!!

The system could work the same as i think I remember it did in wc3 (correct me if im wrong), where you picked either to be in a team or spectator, this feature could just be implemented into the Role Check, whereas 10/25 players selects roles (or the RL does it for them), and the spectator chooses that particular role :)

Ofc, spectators should not be able to be seen in any way by the other players while being a spectator tho, but that falls into the nature of being a spectator anyway ^^

Edit: Btw guys, give this thread serious thumbs up to highlight it a bit :) would love to see this feature in the game..
It would be a nice idea.

The Secret World MMO has a feature a little like this in its 5-mans. When you die in a dungeon on a boss, you can't run back in unless its a wipe, it puts you back at the last spawn point and you can activate a spectator mode where you can watch the fight from the viewpoint of the remaining players. It's a nice feature and allows you to watch the rest of the fight instead of just waiting.
Not to mention this could open up a bit more between social players and raiders, as social players could come look at their fellow guild raiders and kinda be a part of the raid while not standing in the way of anything :)
It seems that pretty much everyone in this thread (so far) agrees that this is a good idea and so do I.
Unfortunately as far as I’m aware we don’t have any current plans to implement such a feature any time soon, we know that some players have been asking for spectator mode to be added to arenas for quite a while now, but that’s something that would require a huge time investment from our dev team and we need to assess if the amount of players that would benefit from such a feature would be large enough for it to be worth such an investment.
In the end everything is a trade-off, that’s why prioritizing the most relevant and important ideas is so important to us.

I will take this suggestion to the devs though, maybe they will be more open to prioritizing this idea a bit higher if the playerbase affected by it is large enough, since this could easily apply to both raids and arenas, so, to both the PvE and PvP communities, and this is where you come in, if you think this is something you would definitely use and are looking forward to seeing in-game, please tell us about it here.
My (wild) guess is the tech required for such a feature would probably work somewhat similarly for any instanced event, requiring only smaller tweaks to adapt it to particular ones like the arenas.

Thanks for the suggestion; I really hope that one day we can have such a feature as I’m sure it would turn sitting out of a raid and watching arenas into something much more exciting.
I’m only slightly concerned about the possibility for spoilers, since this could potentially allow players to see all the content without really experiencing it, but of course this makes little to no sense at all in a world with YouTube and LFR. It’s also all about the framework, there’s a ton of ways we could restrict this feature, achievements would probably be one of the easiest filters we could use.
I do like the idea, but I have a bad feeling that most people will use it once and then never again. I would like the spectator to have a flys eye view if it did happen though, so you can control an orb or something and fly to get the best view of the action, rather than actually having your character in the instance.
Our raid leader streams our raids almost every time. I think wasting time on a non-issue would be dumb.

If it affects the number of bosses next tiers it isn't worth it.
I have actually been pondering this for quite a while, as I have friends who play in progression guilds and would like to watch them play without necessarily going to their place and be forced to hang out with them IRL.

Free moving camera (within the limits of normal gameplay and not past anything that hasn't already been killed) would of course be desirable, and no access to chats of any kind. In-game sound effects if the spectator so wishes. Ability to inspect all players in the group.

I would consider this a premium service, either as a monthly subscription or PPV. The group (either the group leader or through majority vote) decides whether spectators should be allowed, and if anyone can spectate or just a select few (RealID comes to mind). There could even be a gold kickback to the players for every spectator of their instance.

There are of course limitations to what can be done right now and the devs surely have more pressing matters to attend to, especially with all the Mists gremlins running around. As a premium service this should not be a waste of development time though.
I think it would be a very nice feature and I would use it more often than watching our guilds streams (streams lag, sometimes have bad quality especcially on network issues, 3rd party problems). I sadly remember HLTV back then. It was really nice! WOWTV would be even nicer.
Edited out comment because stupid -.-'
Please, please do this! A way to promote good guilds and a way to show others how you're doing - for example if you have possible recruits, they can view your raids/arenas etc.

Also: twitch.tv and others are making tons of money by people streaming their raids/arenas/rbgs etc. - but you need to have a browser open for it to work and if the option to view stuff directly ingame would be there, you could also have better graphix and it would be easier for people with bad interwebz.

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