Windsong Vs Elemental Force

Hi there, I'm kinda stuck which would be overal a better enchant for my weapons, at the moment (apart from the blue post about the PPM's) the information about these weapon enchants for enhacement spec's is kinda rare.

I was wondering what your guy's experience is using these weapon enchants and would share some insight on which on you think is better, as to help out this confused old shaman. :)

Also on a side note, does "Elemental Force" scale with our mastey like the old No'Kalad procs did?

Thanks in advance for reading this and any helpful comments you provide.
i used both enchants with double weapons, my experience is,

ef/ef is slightly better if u chose mastery and echo of elements
ws/ws is slightly better if u chose haste and elemental mastery way in pve

in pvp wise, i found ws/ws more useful in both way.

my ideas ofc:)
Just sim it. I tried Elemental Force with Haste reforge and it was worse than Windsong.

With a Mastery Reforge, Elemental Force came 1.2k dps higher, so yeah that's what I did.

And yes, EF is affected by Mastery.
EF Mastery simmed 2k higher for me.
As a caster windsong is generally better, but as enhancement elemental force benefits from our mastery stats. Mastery is also our best secondary stat. If you're going with the cookie cutter builds and stats then elemental force is the way to go.

That being said, people are now at a point where they are getting revered with the Golden Lotus faction. So you'll see people questing for celestials and shadopan reptuation shortly. Within the next two weeks you should start to see enchanters with access to the new weapon enchants.

The two dps enchants gives stat boosts. The caster gives intel and spirit (at low mana) while the melee version called dancing steel grants a 1.6k strength or agility proc (depending on highest stat). Suffice to say dual enchanting the last one will be the way forward.

As a fore-warning, the dancing steel enchant requires 10 sha crystals which will be in limited quantities right now. If you can find some for a cheap or reasonable price now is the time to grab them before prices sky rocket.
18/10/2012 10:29Posted by Seung
Mastery is also our best secondary stat.
This isn't always true particularly at lower gear levels where haste scales better than mastery.
I thought haste was more for casters and mastery was more for dps?

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