[Darkmoon Faire] Rollercoasters and carousels, etc.

I was thinking of some kind of carousels and rollercoasters on the Darkmoon Island. Their purpose is almost the same as that of IRL carousels and rollercoasters.

Using one of them gives you the feeling that you are actually in one of them. It should work as follows.

1. You buy a carousel or a rollercoaster ticket and you will be in a queue;
2. The number of places in the attraction decides how many and how fast the queue will advance;
3. If the places are completely filled the attraction starts;
4. The 3D engine and the camera will be used to simulate the carousel or the rollercoaster ride. The ride will have a duration of some minutes, depending of the shape of the rollercoaster;
4. After the ride players step out and the queue will advance. The first N players will be placed in the carousel or rollercoaster and the sequence starts again.

This idea came from Rollercoaster Tycoon and I made a video shot with a camcorder while I was in a cruiseship carousel and in a ferris wheel in Paris.

This suggestion can be expanded with a Darkmoon ferris wheel, whose top will give you a sight over the whole Darkmoon Island. The radius of the wheel must be in relation with the size of the island.
It'd be an unused novelty, to be honest. Not many people participate in things that don't benefit them anymore.
It does sound like fun to me.

Edit: It should maybe go on a timer instead of a full ride,
elsewise you might have to watch for ages eventualy.
I like it :) I like the idea a lot heh
I think Blizzard just released recently that in 5.1 a carousel will indeed be added in! But it might be stationary which doesn't make much sense.. I dunno, but we shall see!

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