Transmog Monk!

Since monk is the new class, we dont get to transmog that much.. would love to se monk beeing able to use like Cenarion / stormrage etc etc or Nightslayer / Bloodfang etc. basicly Druid and Rogue Tire sets. just so we can farm for more fun stuff.
Stormrage is druid stuff. Would be totally out of place on an asian-themed monk.
28/10/2012 19:11Posted by Rower
Stormrage is druid stuff. Would be totally out of place on an asian-themed monk.

I think almost all of those sets have recolours that drop from TBC dungeons and raids, so you can basicly use the models.
i know what you could transmog yourself into.. something YOU! think is perfect and kind of awesome also very fitting
You can transmog tier 3 rogue or druid set pieces, if you can get them off the black market ah.
Help! I want that transmog set
Unfortunately that transmog topic was deleted yesterday, all i have is this image. I recognize the weapon and the hat only! Please help :D
I'm working on mine at the moment but thanks to the screenshot positioning on armory it looks completely stupid because I have my tabard on ingame to hide the fail looking chest that doesn't suit the transmog I'm going for but it's basically rogue heroic tier from FL lol
<- Best transmog right there.
No mainstream Rogue/Druid transmog.
Only 1 belt in WoW that fits the rest of the rest. The green monk one.
<--a bit deamon hunter style!
Got so many /w where did i get all the stuff that i stoped counting.
For MW you mog your weapon into
You will ofc need 25k conquest points for the head and shoulders
<--- This... is the !@#$.
<--- This... is the !@#$.

Hey, cyborg! How you been man?
<--- This... is the !@#$.


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