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Is anyone else unable to log in? It's stuck at "Connecting".
Yeah I keep getting this too, sometimes I get to loading character screen but it sticks at 90% then disconnects!
Yep, Vek just went down. Takes ages to get past 'connecting', then I can log into a toon thats in Orgrimmar but none of the others that are not in a major city. The one in Org isn't worth playing because it freezes any time I click on anything!
got this problem also, though i managed to get in the first time and had massive latency and then it disconnected me anyway. now i cant get to the loading character screen!
Same if I hear anything ill repost
I cant even get that far.

Really dissapointing. Ever since MoP came out, there has been problems with either this or that.

fps drops, DC's, instance not found, and not being able to log in.

Whats next? Everyones subscription being cancelled by an unknown error?

I am blizzapointed.
I guess its a server wide problem because your all experiencing the same thing on other servers. Looking at other threads, this happened last night at some point aswell
Indeed, but as far as I know, that was resolved a few hours ago.
26/10/2012 11:26Posted by Selaena

Thats what I just said. Issue was resolved.
Anyone got back in yet?
Yes but it looks like it took them a long time to get it back up and there was little response from Blizz on the threads, so if I were you I'd go out and do something else for the day rather than waiting, you might be there a while! :-P
26/10/2012 11:33Posted by Aurza
Anyone got back in yet?

im in now, its running quite smoothely. got a feelin its gonna happen again though
I just managed to get in, but I cannot do anything i.e. it does not respond when I click on anything!
Also in..
No luck for me yet
Its running fine now for me
Seriously Blizzard. This is your JOB. It is NOT working.
Not working for me either. Says password is wrong. Works on battle.net though. I want refund for 2 days playtime.

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