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Looking for Players – PvP
We are a side of friends looking for people to fill in the gaps we need. We have some really experienced players in our team and we are looking to strengthen our force. We are looking for players of any class as long as you fit the following requirements -
Speak English and Good Communication
Have Microphone w/Vent or Skype
Experienced in Arena or RBG's
Knowledge of Basic Tactics (revise them)

If you fit the following ill do some normal bg's & duels with you to see how good you are unless you got some proof in achievements or something.

Add Me In-Game
What kind of rating are you aiming for?
What kind of rating are you at?
I'd be very interested in this,
I am interested, Experienced Healer, English (can download mumble, but have Skype already)
BEST way to contact you:Skype
Resil:6172 / 11.117 Pvp Power , Fully Geared/Enchanted/Gemmed
Experience (RBG): 2K Last season
Current RBG Rating: 767 , Only did 4 or 5 games.
Other info (optional): Mature & knowledge of classes and tacts
Skype : roykoot
Real ID :RoyKoot#2445
Available 7 Days a week any time,

I'm interested, so if u looking for:

Arms Warrior
Experienced in both arena and rbgs (well did quite of few in last expansion), never got srs rating thou as it's really hard to find decent people here on Terokkar (full of PvE players) :(

Although I can assure u I know all tacts, my own class etc plus I'm mature and patient :P
Got mic, skype/ts3/vent/mumble

I'm available Sun-Thu 19:00 till late hours (like 3:00).

My real ID: Killingbee#2816

But u already have me in ur friends list ;)

P.S. GL with finding ppl.
This group fill quickly and always performs well
Probably going to need a healer and few ranged dps for tomoz
Resto druid

1400 exp last season aiming for alot higher this, preferably 2kish

Missing an item or two im going to pick up before the rbgs will start

Been playing this since tbc on and off with this as my main, with almost 140k hks account wide i am pretty sure i got my bg experience set

Best way to contact would be on skype: Anders7215
28/10/2012 14:02Posted by Zyzzthetics
I'd be very interested in this,

There is only room for one Zyzz in this rbg team! ;)
Holy paly 1.7 exp is happy to join some rbg;)
o hai zyzz;)
Protection warrior here. Mature, experienced, patient and skilled player, been around since Vanilla, got mic and can speak fluent english (as long as words don't contain too many "R"s ^^), love PvP, both world and arenas/battleground, got to rating 2.1k just by PuGing (had some pretty serious games also, but by the time i got to them i got bored and pretty soon quitted WoW till Pandaria came out, but i know all the basic tactics and logics behind every comp/bg, i'm fully capable of leading/calling targets as well as just listening and following orders), and have endured the greatest test of strength and pain threshold this game has to offer - i have played arms warrior in season 9, 10, and 11 :)
Currently enchanted and gemmed as prot BUT, cause i am filthy rich, and also suffering from identity crysis, can regem/enchant every day depending on what i am needed for. So you can have me as Protection freak of nature that just can't die, or as ruthless Arms mass murderer, running around destroying mages in revenge for all the pain and suffering they have caused me over the last year
Wow schedule is pretty flexible, i work from home so as long as i get the work done every day it doesn't really mater when i do it, so any time of day for RBG is good for me as long as i know it one day in advance (or at least like 6-8 hours)
2K Experienced hpally add Imapro2 skype if interested

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