Best Professions for mages?

Hi there just wondering what the best professions are to pick for a mage Atm i got tailoring but its not very high and enchanting but thats level 1 aswell. Wanted to know what would be the most useful. Mainly gonna do PVE at 90 but i like PVP so ill probably do abit of BG's but no arena really.
Tailoring gives you cloak embroidery that gives you 1000 spellpower increase for 15 sec, i guess? Plus you get to make your own greater cerulean spellthreads which are insanely expensive atm ('least on my server). And enchanting gives you 180+ intellect for every ring slot. And also very good expensive/useful weapon enchant like Power torrent which gives you also 1000 spellpower for 15 sec. And I'm talking about 500+ profession level.

I have both and honestly i am quite happy with them professions :3
Acordding to noxxic its Leatherwork and Jewlcrafting since u can gaine alot of intellect from jewlers gems witch adds 320 intellect and u can put it in 3 slots and leatherworks wrist enchant thats adds 500Intellect.How ever you will need a alt with skining and mining to gather the mats.OR a whole lot of gold to buy mats from auction house
The bonus to intellect from all professions in MoP are as follows:

Enchanting: 2x160 = 320 int on rings
Jewelcrafting 2x320 int in various sockets in place of 2x160 = 320 int
Leatherworking: 1x500 int on bracers in place of 1x170 = 330 int
Alchemy: Mixology grants a bonus to your intellect flask: 320 int
Blacksmithing: Two extra intellect gems: 2x160 = 320 int
Inscription: 1x520 int on shoulders in place of 1x200 = 320 int
Engineering: 1920 int for 10 sec on-use, one minute CD = 320 int time averaged
Tailoring: 2000 int for 15 sec proc, one minute ICD = 500 int time averaged, in place of 1x180 = 320 int time avreaged

all professions give the same bonus, 320 int, with the exception of LW which gives 330 - not worth to make a fuzz over imo.

The tailoring and engineering can become stronger if you think them into our play and stack them with other cooldowns.

Tailoring allows you to make a cheap version of the intellect leg enchant, for own use only, which makes it a good pick for a mage. Enchanting is overall nice and easy to level
29/10/2012 16:20Posted by Truemode
Acordding to noxxic

never, and i mean NEVER mention that name in these hallowed halls my young apprentice, for you will die a horrible painful death should you choose to utter those unholy letters again.

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