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So friend of mine created a acc, activated the Free Trial/Starter Edition. Then saw the 66% discount on the battle chest and bought it. However he didn't upgrade the starter edition so now on his acc it shows two accs WoW1 (Starter) and WoW2 (battle chest) but that's not really the problem.
So he logs in on WoW2 (battle chest) and basicaly, the acc is treated the same way the Starter acc is, he cant /yell, cant trade ppl and such.
Is everything working as intended? The ad says that he can lvl up to lvl 80 and go through the content up till Lich King. Is he suppose to go through all of this without being able to trade ppl and such?

Thanks in advance!
Yes, working as intended. It takes up to 72 hours for payment to clear but he should be able to level over 20 straight away and the other restrictions will disappear over the next couple of days.
23/10/2012 23:57Posted by Lukmas
. Is he suppose to go through all of this without being able to trade ppl and such?

Nope, but as Ananda said it can take up to 72 hours for these restrictions to be lifted.
im haveing the same problem i got the starter then brought the battle chest and when i log on to wow useing the starter account it says starter edition then i found out there is a upgrade from starter so do i have to by the upgrade WHAT DO I DO Please help me
Wow, I read it wrong twice...

Be patient and wait for 72 hours. They need to verify the payment made. If you still have restrictions after 72 hours, please contact customer support for assistance.
Thanks guys. I am having the same problem and have wasted about an hour fiddling around on my account and trying to see if I missed something. How do I get a face for the forum?
When you get to level 10, I think
Yep just found that out. Thank you Ananda.
I got the same problem. I bought the battlechest and it wasn`t starter edition but I can't yell form a party and go over level 20. Please help me. I have a level 13 n. Elf rogue but I can't form a party. I tried
Provided it says it's a Battlechest in your account management page it can take up to 72 hours to upgrade, specially if you bought it online. You'll have to be patient I'm afraid, and please don't post on old threads in the future.
If you only have one account in your battlenet (ie not wow1 & wow2) you should be fine. If you can level over 20, you're definitely fine as that's the first thing to drop.
I have the same problem. I just bought the battle chest (free 30 day subscription). I can level over 20, but i cant create a party, or yell to anybody who is not on my friends list :/ Any ideas?
Hello Alessiana,

As explained above, it may take up to 72 hours for the payment to be processed (and the restrictions lifted as a consequence). More info can be found on our Direct Online Upgrade FAQ.

Last but not least. please avoid necro'ing threads, we'd appreciate if you could create a new thread in the future :)

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