Looking For Challenge Xrealm Thead for All.

Looking for Players – PvE
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Posting this as my guild and realm in general aren't the best to find groups for challenges, and it is inspired by the US version;


Post your class, specs you can play, and any alts also challenges or relevant raid experience and battle tag, with aim from challenge modes;


My example post;

Armory http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/dunemaul/Snowiexo/simple

Challenge Experience; Cleared all on Silver as tank, didn't really aim for gold, could have pushed for it easily on the easier ones but we only aimed for silver.
Got gold on GSS quite easily.

Specs with gear; Tank , but also frost and unholy (with dmf trinket)

Communication; Microphone + vent/skype installed.

Battletag; iwannabeyour#2412

Time constraints; University some days, but not consistently raiding so available most days.

Don't have any experience so far mainly because every group I manage to get into totally brainlag beyond imagination!! ^^

Im sick at my class & hope that I can find a equal group!


Hunter LF gold challenge mode runs.

Also try and post more details about your experience etc.
If groups are looking for a last member or two this thread is also designed for that.

im also up for challenge mode. Either as a tank or dps. Both specs i have full 463 gear with enchants/gems. Besides that i have plenty of flasks/pots.

Ive done currently only Mogushan Palace on bronze and a few tries on Gates of the Setting sun with a pug. Im pretty limited in my playtime so good planning is required.

Battletag: Demoric#2947

Looking to complete gold challenge modes with people with similar gear and experience or better. I have Vent,TS3,Mumble and a mic.

Havne't really gave challenge modes a proper try yet but have most of them completed on silver.

Tag: Seefy#2588

Great dps.
Prot warrior - gate of the setting sun gold - great general pve experience

Its nice to have slightly more people in this thread, redirect them here too, try and post enough details about yourself so people would want to take you etc and hopefully we can get some flexibile pug groups going.

Defenitely not a bump
Armoury: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/quelthalas/Juicebox/advanced
Current Ilvl: 482 (DPS)

Unholy Death-Knight with a lot of experience. Played WoW since Vanilla (Swapped to Death-Knight during ToC). Looking for a decent group that aims to get full Golds. I use full keybindings etc, and often rank on World of Logs.

I've only done Jade Temple Silver, and Mogu'Shan Palace Silver at the moment, but those are the only 2 I've tried. Both were achieved on the 2-4th try without any stealth pots/special tactics.

I am willing to put in the time and effort, and I am available a lot of the time. The main times I cannot attend is during raids (Tues/Wed/Thurs/Sun 19:45-23:00 Gametime). I will never let you down, if I say I am going to attend, I will. I rarely make mistakes, if at all, and I will be more than willing to help out with revision of tactics and improvement/improvisation.

I have a similar skill level Balance Druid also wanting to attend runs, but he is fairly lazy so likely wont make his own post here :)

I have Skype with a full working mic etc and speak fluent English, since I am, you know, English. I do have a ventrilo server that we can use if people aren't comfortable with Skype.

My Battletag is: Juicebox0311#2190.
Skype: Juicebox0311.

Ready to start whenever :)
Armory : <- look there : Holy paladin, full BiS ilvl 463 + some epics for a total of 471ilvl.
I can dps as offspec retribution, stuff not too bad but not too great too =p.
Can pull 50k dps on singlet target fight.

I am currently member of the 48th world guild, even though I couldn't be in the HM clear at all cause roster is full.
I have got some experiences on shado pan monastery and gate of the setting sun.
I am really motivited to be in a good group and push to gold all challenge instances for the epic transmo set mainly. I understand and know challenge aiming for gold is long and not an easy task, but I am really willing to pass the time to success them.

I am available all day morning & afternoon, can't really say in advance for the evening cause I never know if I'll be taken in raid.

I am obviously full pots/flasks/food with minor invisibility potions in my bags.
I can provide a TS3 server as well.

I have got a mic and pretty much all communication software : skype/vent/ts/mumble.

You can add me with this battle tag : laxa#2707

PS : I am french but I perfectly understand spoken english except if you have a terrible accent =D, and can speak pretty well too.
Exp: Dating back to BETA WOW
Communication: Every possible way
TAG: Chapo#2401

P.s. why do people post Ilvl? it all gets dropped down to 464 anyway except a few stats
Exp: Dating back to BETA WOW
Communication: Every possible way
TAG: Chapo#2401

P.s. why do people post Ilvl? it all gets dropped down to 464 anyway except a few stats

Ilevel isn't really relevant, but neither is 'exp back to beta wow'. Something that is relevant to MOP or current content would be more usefull.

Also the only real considerations as far as gear goes are number of sockets, enchants, and ways of getting around the way in which the hit/exp cap scale.

I will start listing the interested members in the OP soon. Also defenitely not a bump.
A 487 holy paladin is up Challenges. Havent done any of them yet but will watch through some videos during second half of this week. With 1-2 walkthrough runs, they should be really doable. I'm also willing to put down alot of effort and time to get them done. Also worth mentioning that I finished Glory of Pandaria Hero on 29/9.

Got flasks, food, potion (mana, invisibility, speed), scrolls etc.

Also got a working microphone and a vt 3.0.x server if needed.

Gammelmor#2744 is my gametag.
To healers it would be usefull if you specified your ability/gear for an offspec as alot of the bosses (with an offhealing dps/ good self healing tank class) are doable with 4 dps players and a tank, for extra speed for pushing golds.

Same applies with some trash packs where army / primal earth ele are used to cheese them.
Pushing this up to see if we can get any more interest.
Shadowpriest looking for challenge mode dungeons!

I've got a working mic and skype or ventrilo

Exp so far = haven't been able to get in a group yet

I would be able to offheal

prefered team = DK tank / ele shammy / resto druid / mage or monk / me(Spriest)


feel free to contact me on battletag/gametag = crownz#2313
Elemental Shaman also looking

Got a working mic, can use vent/skype/ts.

I've got gold in 3 of them, and silver in 3 others.

But yeah, just contact me for more info on:


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