Best Warlock PvE spec

Hi guys, i was wondering what the best warlock spec for PvE is ?
Hello Morogos :p
All three specs are performing at a similar level in terms of end game DPS so it really is down to personal preference. Sorry if I ramble on...

Arguably affliction is the best on certain raid encounters and in certain situations that require mobility and positioning (as DoTs can continue to tick whilst you move). Affliction can be boring at time (keeping DoTs up etc) and most of the time you will be finding yourself spamming Malefic Grasp tbh.

Demonology is better in a "cleave type" encounter due to the amount of AoE we can pull out both passively and with CDs (such as pet fel/wrathstorm and Hellfire Aura). Demonology is a fun spec to play around with beacuse of Metamorphasis being a CD that effectively changes pretty much every spell you would use in a rotation.

Destruction is really easy to play and you will probably see yourself at the top of the DPS charts if you reforge correctly and are able to get a constant flow of getting burning embers and using Chaos Bolt with CDs, the only thing with Destro is that you will be oom a lot and sometimes there will be a deadzone where you can't cast anything until you've generated enough mana. We can't use Life Tap in destruction so we have a passive 600% mana regeneration which is sweet but it means you have to be sensible with some spells such as Felbolt to renew Immolate.

I hope this has helped you choose and if you have any questions let me know here on online, in the guild or w/e. Thanks :)
Thanks for the effort in the post, you have been a massive help :D. I only just realized that you we are in the same guild lol :D.
most mobile in pve is destro and demo, one needs lifetaps, second have downtime that will go to 0 if u must move a little...

affli and demo got best dps, demo got better burn phase, affli got better execution phase.

destro is good, but scales very bad, maybe 5.1 adding conflag to ember buildup will fix it a little, but atm immolate is too weak and pulls haste+crit down a lot.

if immolate hit every second, it could make it much more viable spec.
Destruction is unique that it can pull +50% extra dps over other specs on 5man instances thanks to Shadowburn ember generation and Havoc Chaos bolt spam.
affliction is currently the spec with the most dmg output if u reforge and gem ur items right , it does about 10k more than demonology and destruction, grimoire of sacrifice is a MUST since it will increase the dmg of ur most used skills by 50%
Go destruction for 5 man dungeons and affliction for raids.

Don't touch demonology, it has lots of filthy demons and is clunky to play.
Go affliction, best DPS and feels least horrible of the three.
None just go shadow priest, yeah i said it.
Demo is the best in my opinion

Imps help massively and the felguard just roflstomps everything.
I am Destruction and I kill mobs 'ok'. But Affliction I have tried, and the wolf died in like 5 seconds. So go Affliction! And after typing this, I realise why I am not Affliction?
Holy isn't a Warlock talent tree. You call yourself a Warlock?
Go Demo and Affliction and !@#$ Destruction

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