Alchemist flask for pandaria

Greetings! So im getting around to leveling my alt with alchemy and im still using the reusable 80 to a primary stat flask - Alchemists Flask

80 to a primary stat is pretty much nothing in pandaria with all the stat scaling etc so I would like to know if there is a better version I can create to use whilst leveling and playing pvp at 90?

If anyone has some insight it would be appreciated, ive already tried googling around and asking in game but no one seemed to have a solid idea or could point me in the right direction.
If you had one of the previous flasks then, in the mail, you should have got Alchemist's Flask. At level 85 this gives +80 primary stat, and once you reach level 86 this will automatically upgrade to +320 primary stat.

I only realised this once I had hit level 90, but others have reported that it changes at level 86.
it does indeed change at 86

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