Are the Safari achievements bugged?

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I've been recently trying to complete (or gradually fill up) my Safari achievements, whilst aiming for my pet Venus and the Safari title (I know i can't complete it till next summer), yet i noticed that some of the "Steps" for the achievement aren't rightfully completing themselves. So far the I am having problems making the pets Emperor Crab, Feverbite Hatchling and Garden Moth complete the step for the Pandaria Safari achievement. I've caught a great number of each, tried releasing all of them and re-catching. Caught numerous ones of different qualitys/ui reloads. Nothing seems to make them complete the step!

I haven't been able to find any posts about this problem except some blue post stating some achievement bugs wouldn't show as fixed in until 5.1. I didn't really want to waste a GMs time with this problem, so is anybody else having it, will it be fixed? It gets rather frustrating at this stage after dedicating so much time to this!
Some of the pets won't be highlighted green when you catch them, such as the ones you mentioned. However, once you catch all of the pets involved in that achievement it will award you the achivement. Or at least it did for me on all but Kalimdor because yeh got to wait till next summer! Good luck.
Kydd, i got same problem. So far having problems with Emperor Crab and Devouring maggot. And yeah Paffa, got that kind problem with taming achievements. But now i have "tamer" title even some of those achievements still shows i haven't completed them.

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