Kilaxxi quest not working - release iyyokuk the lucid

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I started the quest to release the paragons, but I don't remember doing this one. I've come back to do it now but I cannot find any quests in the zone, I cannot get past the enormous landslide in front of the cave,
I can see the action icon on my pointer but it does nothing. This is preventing me from completing the dread haste makes dread waste achievement and the stay kilaxi achievement

i managed to walk in when someone else removed the rocks but it just teleports me back out, im obviously missing a part of this quest but i have no quests available in the area
Hey Somebigbloke,
Can you see if "Fires and Fears of Old" or "Blood of Ancients" are available to you. Both should be North East of Kor'vess
i have nothing available to me at the brew garden, I have a feeling i had one of these and have abandoned it previously
In that case your best bet will probably be sending a ticket to the Game Masters, they can have a closer look at your quests and see what they can do to help.
ive got a ticket open. Average wait time is 9 days 12hrs GG blizz >.>
hi guys, sorry to reply on this topic but I wanted to know if you could help me.

I destroyed the Ruining Fork by accident. So now I cannot remove the rocks.

Any ideas where I can rebuy this item? I also dont see any incomplete quests, so I assume I completed the quest to get the item so I cannot drop the quest and restart it :(

I know it was noob of me but these things happen haha

thanks guys
If this is the quest you're talking about then dropping it and going back to the NPC to pick it up should give you the item. You should have the quest, otherwise the item itself seems a bit useless? If you don't actually have the quest in your questlog just go to where the wowhead link says to pick it up.
there is no question mark or exclamation mark in the whole of dread waste. so i am either noob or something is broken. i also checked my quest log and cannot see that quest in my list. so not sure how to proceed?
Hey Coniflex,
The quest should be available from Lya of Ten Songs who is North East of Kor'Vess. If you can't pick up the quest then you may want to send a ticket in-game so that the Game masters can look into it for you.

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