mount + pet summon macro.

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Hey, just want a macro that would summon a specific mount and a specific pet at the same time. if thats possible.

Ive tryed:

/mount ......
/summon .....

Didnt work though :(
Did you try /use?
No didnt think of that one, will give it a go now :)

Edit: Just tryed,

/cast (mount)
/use (pet)

It lets me mount, but comes back with "You do not have a pet", so not sure what other command I could use. So far ive tryed; /cast, /summon, /use.
I noticed this too. I didnt yet figure out what command it is. I always go to the pet list and summon there.
I guess it cant be done then, woulda have thought one of the macro masters mighta posted :(
can this help?
Humm, tryed all the ones on that page but all came back with "You do not have a pet", even that compicated code macro at the bottom of page.

Thanks for showing me that page though :)
I have one :
#showtooltip here your mount
/summonpet if [exists] here your companion
/use here your mount
This one worked for me as well:

/summonpet [here your pet]
/use [here your mount]

Have fun :)
Coming with another solution for people still looking. With this macro you summon your RFP - Random Favorite Pet and desired mount. None of the macros I tried in this thread worked.. Seems I can not simply do a /use -or /cast to summon a companion pet. The only command that worked for me is /rfp. This means you need to have only the desired pet as favorite and it'll work!

1386 is the ID of Dread Hatchling and it is enough to just use the pet name of course.

#showtooltip Dread Raven
/rfp if [noexists]1386
/use Dread Raven

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