Mob Grinding/ soloing, Brewmaster or Windwalker?

Okay so my main spec is Mistweaver and to do quests and solo raids/ dungeons it's a pain to play as Mistweaver. So I have a Windwalker spec for daily's atm.

But I also want to farm lots of mats for skinning, motes, etc. And I love to pull multiply mobs at the same time and AoE them down. And I love to solo raids and dungeons on my Hunter, but I also want to do this as a Monk for transmog gear.

But which spec has more AoE damage and survivalbility for these tasks? Or is just better at it overal?

My gear atm ain't that good, doing 40k dps in it but I just want to know whats better for those tasks before gearing up for one.
The gear for Brewmaster and Windwalker is the same except for trinkets.
Brewmaster does better AoE damage.

Brewmaster also does higher single target damage than Mistweaver especially when Vengeance starts stacking up.

Brewmaster uses pretty much the same gear and stat priorities as Windwalker.

Most old raid bosses can (Often it's best to) be soloed as Windwalker, for example Obsidian Sanctum 3D and the first boss of Black Temple is much easier to do as Windwalker as the damage isn't high but they are easily bursted down.

For the rest of the old raids, Brewmaster would be necessary I'd imagine (Reliquary of Souls requires Brewmaster spec to solo) due to the sheer amount of damage that gets put out (The reduction + high healing through Vengeance outweighs the healing output of Mistweaver, especially on long fights and such)

Not sure how Windwalker does compared to Brewmaster for AoEing, but as Brewmaster I do quite decent AoE damage and have the survivability to pull 20-30 things safely. As Mistweaver I doubt I'd have enough damage to deal with it.
I'd assume you could do most old stuff as WW, but Brewmaster would be better imo. Better AoE, not to mention the damage you get from Vengeance.
30/10/2012 20:12Posted by Valthoren
I'd assume you could do most old stuff as WW, but Brewmaster would be better imo. Better AoE, not to mention the damage you get from Vengeance.

For most old stuff, you really won't get enough Vengeance to out DPS Windwalker (Unless you really suck at Windwalker) due to the new way vengeance works.

For example -
My single target damage as Brewmaster on normal level 90 mobs is ~21k
My damage on most old bosses is ~21k

It really doesn't go up that much if at all on the majority of bosses (Of course the ones where so much damage is taken that it's necessary to be Brewmaster then vengeance does make a difference)

Also better AoE doesn't mean much in raids, since they've nerfed the amount of money that drops it's now more efficient to just run past most of the trash.
Brewmaster is what you're asking for. Damage may seen low but the point is to pull a lot of mobs at once, they build up your Vengeance AP. I level in Brewmaster spec 85-90, I was really fast when I could pull a lot of mobs, and slow when I couldnt.
Definitely Brewmaster for AoEing. Dizzying Haze is an amazing tool for ranged pulls. You just have to learn how to prevent the mobs from Evading (best by constantly hitting them with Spinning Crane Kick, and never getting out of their range too much).
I regularly Aoe 7-10 mobs for daily quests as windwalker - you just need to be on your toes with stuns and Touch of Karma use (incredible damage ability in pve soloing.)

However, if you are also intending to solo retro raids and such i would also go with Brewmaster, at least if you have no intention to do anything but solo on this spec. If you do, go with what you'd be doing then - they both solo well :)

In fact, if you are hunting rare spawns that are scattered across pandaria, I would take WW over Brewmaster any day. The added control and damage is just better for that purpose. So I guess they both have merits :)

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