Cross-realm normal pandaria raid capabilities.

Hello folks, I've wanted to ask for some time now exactly what is the current X-realm function limited to?

I made a party with a Real-ID friend from another realm (Stormreaver) and we tried to enter Mogushan vaults but it said it is not possible for players from different realms. Now I am not too famliliar with newest changes but having a party and a LFR possibility already open to the game I see no reason to keep normal pandaria content out of reach for cross-realm raids such as what I was hoping we could do, both our servers are dead alliance side and nothing will be done to improve this and I can bank on this statement.

As for old content and parties + LFR that is hardly something you need to have a cross realm group in order to advance, but normal raids are a different set of things.
Can anyone give me any insight as to what he situation is?
It is available for all content except the newest content; in other words, when we're doing tier 14, you can raid tiers 1-13 cross-realm, then you get access to tier 14 once tier 15 is up, and so on. Presumably this is so that a sense of realm-specific raiding community does not get diminished.

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