Where to level up Elemental pets if there are many...

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Critter types everywhere?? My Spirit of Summer is level 1 and Critters take less damage from Elemental...
Look for the beast types around. There's a few. Otherwise there's always the Lost of Lordaeron (undead type) in Tirisfal Glades, after level 5 (easily grindable on the Lost) there should be a few more beast types you encounter while leveling. Also by this time you'll have secondary pets in battles against you, so you can use for example a beast to beat the critters, and switch out the undead when something else comes up.
also most elementals have some burning ability+conflagrate which does a lot of damage even vs critters. also they have alternative attacks like dragonkin attacks or magic attacks
Get a rare Fel Flame from Shadowmoon...
(<3 stumbling on 'rare' pets)
The easiest is to level up another team first, and then powerlevel the elemental.

I have the same issue with Undead (more or less) since there are (a) loads of Critters and (b) no Humanoids. I just use the undead against anything that is not critter.. and also not aquatic. That means.... yes. Only flying. My mech takes all the beasts. My critter takes the critters. My undead is not extremely useful.

But yesterday I came across a Pandaren Monk in pvp. The monk was pretty confident, my god it's a hard hitter. But my infected squirrel hit just a little bit harder. And it healed. I barely won.

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