Galleon - Only Possible if Jobless

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And some of the post replies are from people who are unemployed defending themselves. I'm not saying it's their fault they are unemployed , i'm saying is u guys get a chance to play content that the employed just can never accomplish because of blizzard's low respawn time. Giving the unfair advantage to those who can afford to be up at 5 am to wait for a boss respawn.
the issue here isnt about being jobless.

Its about that galleon for whatever reason respawn near enough on the dot when servers are restarted. thus making him unavailable for the mass of people that want to at least have a go at doing him. Now for me this is a totally blizzard issue. they are happy to quote the "RNG working as intended" line when it suits them. but cant make a world boss actually random in spawning. i'd like to see sha given a longer respawn timer for instance say 2 hours. and galleon a shorter but much more varied timer. 6am every reset doesnt suffice i'm sorry. atm its a case of who can get online and get a group up quickest.. a world boss shouldnt be so restrictive from the point of view to having to be onlien to do it. somethign i might add that out of many a players control. i've one friend in game has a 12 hour day leave his house 5:30 -6 am every morning to go to his work. he physically cant be online at the times needed to do it. and that just simply wrong.

make galleon random the way it should be, random spawn timer every so often. would it be so bad to actually have him randomly spawn at night, in the evening ?? no. at least give the many thousands of other players a chance to get that kill. and not the same 40 people every week because their lifestyle be it in whatever form allows it.

Nicely said
Wow, 'jobless degenerates'.
After reading that, I couldn't care less what the point was of your thread.
Locking this thread, I can't see that much constructive discussion will come from it.

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