WW Monks in arena.

So I lvled up a monk thinking it would be fun to do arena with. I was wrong

WW monks have no burst what so ever, and we're squishy as hell. Trying to get arena cap was a living hell. All I could do was to kite around the arena while my friend had to solo kill them both, because if they reached me I was as good as dead in seconds.

Blizzard you really need to fix this, because it's unplayable right now. Nobody wants to do 3s with a WW monk because they have no burst, got no survivability and there are so many other classes thats just better to play with.

And the offhealing is non-existing compared to a Shadow priest, ele shaman or even a feral druid.

PLEASE fix ww monks.
WW monks suck - that's a pretty well known fact now. Ghostcrawler calls it L2P issues however so I guess we have to wait until he rolls one.
well they dont bring anything unique to the table thats for sure.

make FoF hit the damn stunned target instead of laggingnout of range.

and maybe look into death of death and maybe make brew give 50 crit chance insted of 20% flat damage increase

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