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As title says, I'm looking for RBG team.

Got some RBG experience, unfortunately not high rated as I was doing quite a few rgbs entire Cata, but I was mainly going with giuldies + friends so it was rather sth to kill the time and have some fun. All of those ppl were (and still are) mainly focused for PvE, I on the other hand quit PvE and doing PvP only.

Not looking for certain exp group (wouldn't be fair when me by myself don't have that exp), I'm fine with starting from scratch and building exp as a team. What I'm looking for is groups that are dedicated for RBGs, not giving up / disbanding after a rough night, etc.

What can i provide by joining:
1. Good knowledge of my class and some skill (I'm not FOTM warrior, play this toon from almost 4 years now).
2. Dedication.
3. Patience (i'm not type of a quitter, that rage quits after a loss).
4. Knowledge about BGs and strategies.

I'm available from Sunday till Thursday (from 19:00) - sometimes Friday and Sunday, but can't commit for those days. I'd prefer to rune 2 or 3 nights during the week.

So, if you feel like I'm the person you're looking for to fill up your team contact me here or via my RealID:


Can do a trial or sth if you'd like to test my knowledge and skills.

P.S. Please, don't judge me with my 3v3 rating, I know it's embarrassing...

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