Time Lapse Vanilla -> TBC -> WotLK -> Cataclysm raiding

Looking for Players – PvE
The Time-Machine Guild
Do you want to replay Vanilla, TBC and WotLK raids?
I have started up a new guild that will first play 60 raids til we cleared it all, have a break (1-2 months?) then clear the next expansions raids.
We will play on Tarren Mill - EU under the name Time Lapse.
We will NOT use vent or any other communication program, only in-game chat.
The loot system will be a prio for higher ranked players, to obtain a higher rank you need to help out with farming mats for gbank etc.
The prio is the following:
Rank > Replacement > Roll
There will be 4 ranks:
1. Guild Master
2. Officer
3. Valued Raider
4. Raider
* Must be on the Tarren Mill realm
* No Heirlooms allowed when you have reached "max" level
* No Paladins before TBC, no DKs before WotLK
* No dual spec (This means you wont be able to raid as 2 specs, nor rolling on loot for OS) or glyphs before WotLK
* No gems before TBC
* You are allowed to play ANY race however
* Non reforging until Cataclysm
* No Transmog

Some things you might want to add to make the experience even greater!
* No addons
* Not sending mats/gold from a higher leveled character

We will raid 3 times a week (Server times).
Wed: 20:00-23:00
Thursdag: 20:00-23:00

This is a tryout, i have no idea how hard/easy it will be with all the changes but i want to try this out.

Do you want to join? Whisper Waveheals or HenshenKlein with spec and i will invite you

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