New speedpainting of our favourite lich

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Hi Everybody!

Just wanted to inform everyone that Tamplier has just posted a new speed painting video of everyone's favourite undead lich, on youtube.

Not my favourite since he never dropped that gun I so :( , but I had my revenge. I killed his cat every time I visited his adobe.
That's pretty cool, thanks for sharing!

By the way, are you sure his cat is really dead? You forget that Mr. Bigglesworth has more than 9 lives...
Wow cool. Now I can own his cat. Sweet revenge. :)
I bow before your painting skill :)
I saw your 'Victorious' art on DevArt some time ago, this one is amazing too (good to see you in action on YT).
14/11/2012 16:58Posted by Maayshra
I bow before your painting skill :)

Cannot take credit for someone elses work. I am just informing you guys of Tamplier's new work. I did not have any part in the creation of this.
Cannot draw a straight line to save my soul :)

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