Why must every forum post be so selfishly pathetic?

Does anyone look at the titles and content of blue posts and just facedesk until surgery is needed?
I read the forums nearly every day simply to check on updates and between every interesting update is like 5 posts of people just whining!

I mean, you're playing an amazing video game that has been made for you to enjoy, and there's complaints like "This boss doesn't spawn enough" and "These coins I get for free don't fulfill my ludicrous expectations".. Really? Talk about first world problems.

How hard is it to simply enjoy a video game with near limitless content. Does every post need to be about how YOUR life can be made easier in a GAME that you clearly spend too much time on so that small issues become massive problems in your day to day life?

It's essentially lazy selfish people asking hard working selfless people to make their lives easier and everything handed on a plate.

People who agree will enjoy this comedians similar rant: http://lockerz.com/u/20534406/decalz/6078550/louis_ck_everything_s_amazing_nobody_s

A mad DK.
Why would I post on other peoples behalve?

Ofcrouse I make posts that concern me and my interests or problems.
Problem is, people fail to see there's a solution to all of their problems with things such as dailies, I don't enjoy dailies, I don't do dailies. I mean, I did them for a while and then I stopped enjoying them so I stopped. I'm not going to do something I dislike just to achieve something marginally better than what I could achieve whilst enjoying the game.

But like you said, yeah, first world problems.
Yeah well I give money to blizz!! They work for me!!

Nah I'm joking. Yeah sadly I know a few people like this in game an they're not fun to play with. They moan about everything in game. "I always get !@#$ groups in lfr" "If you ever wipe in lfr you can't do real raids" "Wtf they're selling legendaries on the BMAH? This ruins everything ever!! Now I might actually see these items ingame and everyone can buy them!"

But they don't bother me that much :D
Due to the content of this thread it is almost definitely going to go in a negative direction, as such a preemptive lock has been placed to prevent the bad vibes from flowing.

Spread happiness everyone! ♥ {◕ ◡ ◕}

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