Updated character models

14/11/2012 14:18Posted by Takralus
Nope, unfortunately we can't share anything just yet. But we will as soon as we can!

This means they are working on it, good to know bre :).
il hope it comes in this expansion wit one of the updates 5.2 ? 5.3 ? would be cool
15/11/2012 18:56Posted by Takralus

Well it was sure an addition! But just click onto my profile, and I gone one whole piece transmogified. Sadly enough for roleplaying, transmogification doesn't do much, except for being capable to wear your rp gear ooc as well for some people!
15/11/2012 22:34Posted by Lirena
Let us transmogrify to other armour/weapon types and we'll talk.

A Warrior wearing Linen robes while tanking wouldn't make much sense really! But I would love if Transmog worked on white or grey items, that would make me very happy indeed.
While they are at it they should change Death Knight's eyes to match Lich King's eyes. So they get this animated smokey blue glow ^_^

Also make fix the NELF's ears so they don't go outside the helmet. It's ugly.
in the past blizz did a charr update .. somewere during tbc
theyre death sin was to replace models

lets hope blizz be smart this time and add models instead of replacing them
send out a free customization ticket through ingame mail
for those who desire this new thing

so for all those ,knock your self out , but leave me out of it

last time i asked why my eyes of one of my chars were turned from bright blue to black holes

the answer was that it was intended that way , and if i didnt like it i should purchase a recustomization
at that moment i took a brake for a few years
call it my cd time

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