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About 4 weeks ago i installed Cataclysm & patch it to 5.0.4 before the MoP release without any problem.I play the game 1 week for check to new talent system then uninstall it.
Now i decided to play MoP and try to install Cataclysm again but it start to give 2 errors.

1. one is, when i put the disc and try to install, its stuck at "Connecting to server..." then gives a error : "Unable to connect.Please check your connection and firewall settings.".
I closed Windows Firewall & my EsetNod32 AV5 but it still gives same error.But when i re-click to my DVD again sometimes install is starting...Lets say i press to "Install" 10 times, its give 6 times error or 4 times install starting.

2. one is, when installing the game its always stuck at %5 like 5-10 minutes then gives these four errors in same time.

*The file "C:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft.temp\Data.temp\enGB.temp\speech-enGB.MPQ.temp" could not be opened. (OpenRepackTarget::Execute)
*DownloadURL failed -
*DownloadURL failed -
*DownloadURL failed -

-I read lots of thread but couldn't found any solution.I try to download it from but after 1 min my download speed drop 1mb/sec to 20bites/sec (yes not even kilobites just bites) then stop at 0(zero).
-I also try to install Cataclysm at "Safe Mode with Networking" but gives same errors.

I try lots of things 4 hours left and i'm realy exhausted.I hope someone can help.Sorry for grammar mistakes.

OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit (with last updates)
Download speed between 7Mbps /10Mbps

You should only install the game using the Mists of Pandaria discs or by downloading from Have you since uninstalled the game, or are you trying to create a second installation?

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