after days of camping, sandstorm in tanaris.but no pets

Pet Battles
where are the silithid hatchlings? been looking for a sandstorm for weeks, camped a few days, finally a sandstorm is up but no pets spawned? gg bugs....
Perhaps the sandstorm was just starting, or just ending? They need a little time to spawn.

They also only spawn in a couple of small areas. Somebody could have easily cleaned them out just before you arrived.
spoke to a couple people who were hanging around, they hadnt seen any either. so doubt that. from what I read the intial spawn is like the foxes in storm peaks during snow, and they're all over the place, so shouldn't have been the issue :/
I happened to be in Tanaris when a sandstorm started, great I thought.
Waited, camped moved around between the two areas for 2 hours during the sandstorm, but no pets spawning. Others that was there aswell agreed on the patheticness. Not wonder why wow is losing subscribers when the game isnt fully working when launched, or atleast 99% working. We want to battle our pets, not wait for a *pffft* spawn.
proper bull!@#$, same thing happened again today... jesus
aaaand again... seriously, this is bloody annoying. guess it's a good thing qiraji guardling is months away so they have time to fix these stupid bugs.
Start killing other kinds of battle pets in the region when that happens. You'll trigger zone-wide respawns, which should also include Silthids.

You can even kill them manually if you're in a hurry.
It's not gauranteed that the pets will spawn during a sandstorm. If there's a a sandstorm, it doesn't mean that they are actually spawning. Quite RNG really.

I was lucky that I found two silithid hatchlings during a sandstorm, haven't seen another one ever since.
Yup Another confirmation ...

Sandstorm has bein in effect for 45min now ... not a single hatcling ...

Seriously work this out Blizz ... Im getting pissed off enough with minifernal and scourge whelping ... really dont need this to add to my frustration.
Same for me - I have an alt camped there - log in, sandstorm, no silithid hatchlings.

I have another alt parked in Ice Crown for a scourged whelpling - logged on at midnight, 1am, 5am, during the day - nothing. I thought getting a minfernal was bad but did manage to get one by a miracle.
Oh, these elusive creatures! Do they really exist? Might they not be tales of lore, fabrications of the imagination? Everyone knows someone who had a grandfather who once ventured upon one of these, but... who in this generation have seen it for themselves? And weren't your grandparents simply boasting?

Not for no reason do they only appear in a sandstorm. The storm covers them, providing them with safe haven. Lucky is the adventurer that spots one!

When i first went and saw a Sandstorm (2 weeks or so ago) there were literally endless Hatchlings. Went there today, Sandstorm started, been going for 10-15mins now and nothing. So it looks like it still might be bugged out.

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