Holy priest is viable DPS class.

So after patch 5.1 Blizzard gave holy priests some nice buffs. In the patch they perhaps unintentionally made holy priest a working DPS class. Let me tell you some stories folks.

It all began as a boring day in Azeroth. I did some pet battles for some hours and stuff, farmed some mini pets and played pvp. Then suddenly it came into my mind, how about the buff they gave to Chakra states? And thats when I specced holy, glyphed for Holy Fire and Smites and put my shadow gear on.

So when I was done I headed to those DPS dummys, picked the raiders target dummy and started casting some smites. Keeping holy fire up all times, mindbender and Power infusion on every cooldown. Also SW:P since I get the bonus too from the shadow tier. I checked the dps meter and thats when I started smiling; the meter showed me 51k of burst dps. After the cooldowns ran off and things settled down it dropped to some solid 41-42k.

Ok, now I seemed settled to find out how do I perform in some raiding, I put the LFR que up for Mogu'shan Vaults and kept fine tuning my rotation on the dummy. Que eventually got up and I went to that raid. Used flask and food for roughly 1300 more int and selfbuffed ofc.

Well not to keep you any more in excitement. In every fight I was in top 4 damage done. I guess you wanna hear some numbers too. It varied from 55k-62k. I'll add up a screenshot of dps list in the Spiritbinder.


And so guys, since this is an OK spec to dps with, what do you think is the best stat to stack as chastise priest? I think haste just isn't worth it. Also its good to note holy gets 15% hit automaticly so any hit should be reforged to something more usefull. Oh boy, I always secretly wanted to dps with holy priests.

well i guess since mana aint the issue and mastery is clearly not affecting your dps as a healer just stack haste to 12% adn then go full crit
A holy priest with chakra: chastise can indeed put out great numbers single target if you gem,reforge appropriately but it has 0 aoe therefore it's not a dps class let alone viable. :p
You're saying Mind Sear and Halo isnt enough of aoe? On top of that you can dot every target with SW:P if you wanna go serious mode. I topped aoe parts in MsV too.

Only weak part is when theres 2 targets where you cant really aoe efficiently and have to single target. But still 42k+ dmg single target+dot on the other is ok dps. Theres many who dont do more than 40k in heroics even with the lfg buff you get so take it or leave it.
Actually 55k-62k isn't anything special. I did 55k dps at Gara'jal LFR as a disc this week. On top of dps you get the healing aswell. That was done with only reforging from mastery to haste and couple dps pieces (ilevel 485). Rotation was without SW:P. I was 8th on dps at the end and topped healing. Penance does a lot of dps (at least 100k without crits per cast). With 4set bonus one could probably break 60k as a disc.

I tested the holy dps aswell since it seemed so good on paper. But personally I prefer little lower dps with the healing. At raid enviroment you want to bring proper dps or use disc as a "half healer".

If one can do same dps as holy than proper dps then obviously holy would be better since you could backup heal when needed. But then you'd overgear the dps or just have a bad dps...

EDIT: My armory is showing the gear I used for that.
Good to see holy is good for something :P
Holy just became my new fav specc.
Just tried out holy as DPS..... its simply brilliant!
holy cant be dps class. With dmg chakra+evangelism+ more haste and intellect u cant do more than 30k dps. My best with normal healing gear is 21k dps on Garalon 10N. Disco can do more dps than holy.
After reading this I had to give a try for holy dps. Looks like holy rly is viable dps specc atm. I can see how it could be used on 10 man raids for fights where 3 healers is a bit too much, but some extra healing would be nice for heavy dmg phases. Tried just holy specc for MSV LFR, 1st part. Both single target dmg and aoe dmg seems to be good. On Gara'jal I went full nuke and ignored almost all off-healing and dps was 96.9k and fight duration was quite long, 5:07.

On Windlord tried aoe dmg and dps for that fight was 183k with some off-healing. Mana was rly tight for that fight. For mind-sear spam mana is pretty much infinite, but adding halo and SW:P multidotting will drain all mana fast.

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