Avatar or Storm Bolt?

I'm very close to level 90, so I'm having a dilemma what to pick.
Avatar is a major buff, 24 second duration, +20% damage is no joke, and that root breaker is nice. Pity about the nerf though.
Storm Bolt has neat damage, solid cd, and that stun can be a life saver more often than not, and very useful to help you catch all them kite comedians.

So what do you think? Avatar or Storm Bolt? (for pvp purposes)

I use Storm bolt. Since its a SICK damage boost sometimes. i get 300k crits and 120k without crit. I think avatar is weaker now infact to how it was.

Storm bolt <3
How are you able to pull those sorts of numbers with storm bolt unless you're talking PvE? Stormbolt barely tickles for me in PvP, regardless stormbolt shares diminishing returns with shockwave therefore I would personally go for avatar for both pve and pvp.
Stormbolt is the best

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