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I know this might sound like a qq and im really not that bothered about people who might flame me, this is intended for blizzard, seriously wtf blizz, trying to mele as a feral druid in brawlers is stupid. Im having to work my !@#$ off skull bashing, dashing away, chaining my barskin/survival/vigil and ward, I refuse to change to boomkin from kitty just so i can get past bosses that instantly kill me with mele abilities, i do the utter best i can, and still fail then i go and see a lower skilled and lower geared caster just go in and walk it to rank 7
I paid a small fortune for an invite, just to find that yet again blizz have screwed over melee.
Take a look at what you have done here, the amount of rank 7 casters vrs the amount of rank 7 melee, you must be able to see the loggs or something.
I would like to know how many rank 7/8 Feral druids and rogues there are.

you're right... melee'ing those bosses is quite frustrating...but hey...that's the game :X

Getting from rank 1 to rank 8 was easy (also thanks to my rofl gear) but then !@#$ got serious... the DPS requirements are extremely high... you have to constantly melee those mobs while avoiding all those %^-* spells and abilities that oneshot a ranged it's way too easy in my opinion...

up to now i downed Shen'zar (or whatever this C'Thun !@#$ is called) and Millhouse.
The first is the easiest of those raremobs, simply aoe the eyes and move out of %^-* in phase 2.
The second is all about lucky spawns of his need to get both totems the first two rounds, if not it's hardly to not doable...

Epicus Maximus is not that hard when it comes to dodging his abilies, but you roughly need about 95k+ dps to down him... i had some 500k wipes and its really frustrating

This !@#$ing gnome is bugged as hell and i just hate him...dps requirements aren't that high but its totally random if you're hit by something or not...

The enrage mechanic is totally unfavourable for melees as it starts under the throne and moves up the a ranged you simply stand at the other and and nuke... as a melee you have to have killed the mob by the time the firerain starts....%^-* YOU BLIZZ!

Hope they do something about it... but as we all know... that won't happen...
At least melee got a good chance of bypassing Battletron - that boss is practically impossible as a caster... -.-;
Ye well I've seen enough melees getting killed and ranged doing just fine... but I understand that as a shadows this fight is quite crappy :<
Hold the phone here... Isn't the whole idea of the Brawlers guild to be challenging?
You don't get it... you have like 10 seconds more time as a ranged to kill those mobs than as a melee... those enrage timers are so tight ... every second counts ... EVERY second... it's frustrating to wipe where a ranged easily kills the mob
Not to be a douche bag or anything, but a feral druid on my server hitted rank 8, 2 days after release.
Oh !@#$... druids are QQing over Brawler's Fights... god damnit...
Wish I had offheals...
04/12/2012 21:07Posted by Phato
Not to be a douche bag or anything, but a feral druid on my server hitted rank 8, 2 days after release.

i'm also rank 8 lol and it took me like 2hours? you dont need those raremobs to hit rank 8 ... shout up if you dont have a clue about anything....

@Roothy: you dont need heals as long as you dont move like a retard ....
agreed i'm on rank seven now The dark summoner and i have huge problems with him to dps him and kill his ghost while i have to like kite them around to get them in a line so they all stunned or they will hit me for 520k. But the GG team was pretty easy and i dont know how hard battletron is since still havent beat dark summoner which i been on since this sunday
Nandayo, why are you acting so snappy?
I'm a guardian druid, my off-spec is feral. I'm ilvl 477 and all my gear is forged for guardian.

I'm currently level 7 in brawlers guild; and yeah, as a melee DPS it wasn't as easy as it should have been.....

On a lot of fights I went guardian and made it bang on the enrage timer. (generally if they had about 3.5-4k HP I could down them in guardian).

It took me 1 day to get to lvl 7. Basically. I have !@#$ gear. It's not forged correctly, I even got past some of the DPS 'races' and I can't play feral (if your a real dps, they shouldn't be that challenging).

I think it's very challenging. And in a good way. I know that within level 7 i'm going to have to improve my gear to get the DPS to down some of the dudes - and that's fine by me.

For the first time in ages. Good stuff blizaard, im enjoying the brawlers guild.

& really, blizz has always bummed locks & mages, did you really think they were going to give the two highest dps classes a hard time? :P
i do the utter best i can, and still fail then i go and see a lower skilled and lower geared caster just go in and walk it to rank 7

How do you know they are lower skilled?

Lower geared I can accept but I think if they are succeeding where you are failing then odds are that it's you that lacks the skill. Further anecdotal evidence exists where the above poster is an MS guardian yet he managed it.

The main problem here is your attitude of self entitlement, "I paid for it, I should be able to faceroll it!"
Millhouse Manastorm is impossible for warriors. Please fix.
Its true that alot of the fights favor ranged above melle, like razorgrin for example or the dark summoner or dippy + doppy even mecha bruce
It will be worse my friends.

i am rank 9 and Nibbleh (second boss) is impossible to kill
Nibbleh isn't impossible, he's just very difficult due to the dps needed. Cleared all 10 ranks with my OS so you can't say anything is impossible ... maybe except razorgrin for warriors.
Tbh, I look at some of them such as the Disrupton thing, and think to myself how on earth is something like a mage going to do that when they have to stop and cast a lot?
I know I'm only a rank 6 but I haven't really had any issues being a melee at all- is this going to change as I go higher?
None noticed necro?
None noticed necro?

It is still completely relevant so nerco doesn't matter.

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