Russian community apologizes for actions of a separate.

There isn't much to apologize as it wasn't your fault.
Excusing yourself on behalf of your popularity is still a nice gesture and the intentions are good.

I'm sure we can put these misunderstandings behind us and see this as an entire pile of frustration.

I hope the best for you guys and have fun on World of Warcraft.
as i always say it doesnt matter where you come from at the end of the day we are all nerd gamers see the word gamers and we all are the same no matter what backgrounds we are from.
That spam was Russian?

I just thought I'd had one too many Bleach cocktails.

S'all good though. Glad it's all back on track.
its a LIE all of it is a LIE !!!!

nah just joking nice to see some friendly Threads.
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