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After having many problems with downloading the patch I managed to succesfully download it after 6 hours or so. Afterwards when I try to login I got another error: error # 107. ''There was a problem logging on with this account. You may not have a World of Warcraft game attached to your account, or you may be logging into region different from the one you made the account in. If you continue having trouble, please contact Customer Support.'' I searched on the support article how I can solve this, but I am on a English client and my launcher says the game is fully up to date.
I have the same problem.
Have you found a way to fix it?

Error 107 occurs when no game accounts have been found on your account.

Usually this is because your client is attempting to log into the US servers instead of the EU ones.

Please go to your World of Warcraft WTF folder, and open the file with a text editor. Here, add or edit the Locale line to read as follows:
SET locale "enGB"

Save and exit the file, then try the game again, and let us know what happens.
tnx man it was really help full

Thanks it helped for me!!
Had the same problem Error 107. And what Lurdlespor said worked

Thanks it worked!
Its not working for me :/ I go to the wow folder and then i go to "WTF" and then i go to the Config and open it with text editor.... And i had it at "enUS" and i did change it to "enGB" but it still saying this Location thing :(
hi i am confused i have just installed wow on my laptop but for some reason doesn't have the wow folder i have checked but i couldn't find it pls could you help me?
Thank you very much, i never thought i would find a solution for this. Before i changed file it said ESRB when i was going to login. Now it says PEGI in the left bottom corner. I'm from Sweden so i was of course wondering why it said ESRB.

Thanks again for the help ;) And good luck to all folks out there with these problems!

i cant log in because error #107
and changing folder doesn't make diferents
Guys just change pasword en start wow from your folder
OK Lunderspoon i had like a major problem whit my wow and D3 not to get in to that now, But when i go to my WTF folder there is only no config which is kinda confusing to me because i played wow long time ago and i'm sure there should be config. for any reason. PLEASE HELP ME
Lurdespor* if you are getting this help ^^ post above
I got the same problem wiht error 107 and i have tried all whats stands in the comments above but nothing helps plzz som1 help me :D
Well I save it as GB and it has not worked, there must be another solution?!?!?
It didn't work, what else can I do?
'wow' thanks:)

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