5.1 - Hunter Pets: What was a challenge is now a joke.

The reason I am making this post is to seek the opinion from fellow Hunter's as I personally don't see the point anymore.

Back in the old times: To tame, find and catch certain rare pets was a hardcore and requesting challenge. In time, less Hunter's cared if the pet's was rare or not as long as they looked cool. Now with 5.1 Blizzard decided to tactically nuke the game and stuff it with a bunch of pets that no longer can be classified as rare due to that with 100+ new low lvl pets added you will ALWAYS find one of the many you will be looking for. My question in all this is:

Why is Blizzard doing this? I have always lived up to having a complete sett of the most difficult pets in the game. (A scale between what USED to be the 3 different - "chosen" pet talent, their level and that they all had a unique look to "them" only) And I have achieved that up and until now, 5.1 made some of the pets that used to be hard to get mere child's play to obtain. Why are they letting what used to be a challenge and a certain "Value" of owning a special pet go to waste like this? Allowing every single Hunter to have a pet that stands out: "When everyone is special - no one is special" Sure I get that they think "Now they got a variety of pets to chose between as our active Hunter gamers have different tastes", yet why make them rare... I am already... (Under 1 week into 5.1) Sick of all the Hunters proclaiming to have rare pets when they all found them at the first damn simple "Lets just LOOK for it"

Bottom line: Why Blizzard... How could you turn a once great self-earned Achievement into something as plain and silly as what you have made it become... I have always thought of hard earned pets as something of "Value" to a Hunter but as for this week.... It's totally ruined.
I understand your point of view, but keep in mind that not everyone is a Hardcore player, and not everyone can spend much time looking for a 'cool' or uber-rare pet. And the goal in the recent patches, as you probably already understood, is to make what once was reserved to 'Elite' players suitable for all.

I think this is the answer to your question..
I couldn't care less about the "i camped moar so i deserve moar" argument,since that's just not fun to me.

That said,the fact it's labelled as rare doesn't mean it's hard to get.Hell,the spider in elwynn cave is always there night and day,and it's still a rare.

Try compare the difficulty of taming that and taming Patrannache and co.,then let's talk again about easy-to-get new pets.

Edit : Damn sir,good necro.
Having acquired quite a few Spirit Beasts on the highest population server in the EU, which was a pain in the !@# when combined with the cross realm stuff these days, I think your post is stupid. You should target pets you like, not just because it's deemed 'hardcore' to obtain them.
01/12/2012 00:41Posted by Maugrìm
"Lets just LOOK for it"

well, hunters will hunt. I personally loved hunting for the rares added in 5.0. Scaling valley of the four winds for hours and hours looking for pattranaches tracks on ground mount. The thrill of finding that first track. Man, that was great. I haven't played as long as you, so wether or not you disregard my post is your choice.

Here's the thing though, if there was an ultimate pet in the game (I know there was on at some point, some special cat or something) then that'd be like, "well this hunter doesn't have that particular pet, I'm not taking this second rate noob in my raid". Level playing field and all that. Presitge is all very well and good. Ugh, look at me, I'm rambling.

There are no OP pets in the game and I think that's fine.
I wouldn't go back to the "good ol' days" of Vanilla Pets (don't even get me started) but I certainly agree that the game has gone a wee bit too far in the "let's make this easy" direction.
training pets, making them trust you, and having to make CHOICES was a big part of the fun of playing a hunter.
Now pets almost feel like gear to me...

training pets, making them trust you, and having to make CHOICES was a big part of the fun of playing a hunter.
Now pets almost feel like gear to me...

Try playing a hunter in a 25m. My pet is basically my 11th transmog slot.
Now in 5.1? Seriously, this game has been getting made more and more casual since it came out, it's not even necessarily a bad thing, especially as some thing as trivial as Hunter pets.
I would have liked to have some harder to find new MOP pets like maybe a new spirit beast, maybe a quillen spirit beast would have been nice but I can't complain cause I do quite enjoy the tracking of pets too although I wish the tracking was tougher to do.
You just made my day with your QQ thread. If you claim that its easy to find a spirit beast on a high populated realm, youre really stupid imo.

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