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Hi, Having some issues with camera turning in game. I've logged on today to find that all of a sudden the sensitivity of me turning my character around has gone way up when I turn with my mouse and it also stutters quite alot. I've checked my mouse DPI and that sensitivity and nothing. I've disabled all my addons to see if that was making it go all weird and it's still the same. I've not changed anything in my graphics settings or interface prior to finding this issue.

Any help on how to fix it is appreciated.
I noticed the other day that my toon flickers quite a lot when I turn using the mouse, and that it has a brief stutter when turning with keyboard and stopping. It feels odd, as if the toon doesn't "keep up" with the turning.
I got the same exact issue, my character studders alot and really fast when I try to turn around using the mouse, if I use my keyboard to turn around I don't get this studder tho. I've checked everything that the support have asked me to check and I've reinstalled the game so I got a fresh version without any addons installed and updated every single driver but it doesn't help what so ever. My fps is stable at 50 and doesn't move when I turn my character around and my latency is stable at 70.
I got the same problem, it's really freaking annoying. Small things like that annoys me like crazy. It's even more visible if you mount up on a rather big flying mount, like a frostwyrm or something then hold mouse2 in and turn around. The character stutter like crazy, I really hope they fix this asap. I can't even bother to play with that kind of stutter.

Can you try running Windows in a Selective Startup and see if that helps at all:

If that doesn't, check that your graphics adapter drivers are up to date:

If you still get errors after that, can you try resetting the Interface options in-game back to defaults, then see what happens?
okey, so selective startup didn't change a thing, I got the latest graphics adapter drivers and resetting my interface didn't help either O.o Still got the same old studder.. awesome...

I wouldn't call it an error either, it's just something that's really really annoying to play with and it's hardly worth logging into the game with that studder.
Yep, didn't fix it for me either. The problem is still there, i've also tried the new beta drivers from nvidia to see if anything changed. That didn't work, also tried recommended settings in both interface and video settings, nothing really seems to fix it. I also tried dx9 and dx11. Both giving me this awful stutters.
sigh. One thing to mention is that I didn't have this problem before the new patch O.o which i've installed twice now since i've reinstalled the game....
Yes, that's the same problem here. This came with the new patch. Before that I didn't have this stutters while turning my character. I remember this being quiet annoying since it occured some time back in early tbc as well. But I haven't had this kind of problems in wotlk, cata or even mop before patch 5.1 hit.
wow, I just waited for 3 hours to get a response from support and all they say, ONCE AGAIN is to look at my setting in wow.. this time asking me to see if vertical sync would help me.. I've told them so many times i've tried all these things but it's not helping. oh god dammit..
I guess they just want to rule out every possible solution. Anyways, i've basically tried everything. Tweak in the nvidia controlpanel to see if anything there helps, and tried every single option in the wow video optins. Disable / Enable , you name it. And nothing fixes this.
I don't really know what's causing the stuttering, it's only happening when you turn your character around while holding mouse2 or using keyboard turning. I don't really use that so, I only see this happend when I hold mouse2 down and "spin" around. So it could be a problem with they're mouse / look options, idk. It's freaking annoying, and it should be a fast hotfix for it asap!
Well, the problem for me is that I use my mouse to look around O.o so it get really annoying after playing for about 5min.
Thank goodness I'm not alone...this stutter is so INCREDIBLY annoying and together with the weird graphical issues I've been having before 5.1 as well, it's ruining the game for me...I can turn down settings to avoid the world stutter in fps, but I can't do a bloody thing about the flickering that happens when I turn my toon using the mouse...

Instead of enjoying MoP to its fullest with a new graphics card (even a blizz employee called it awesome and said it should run the game perfectly) all I've been having is more and more problems...5.1 adding the most annoying one so far, the character flickering/stutter turn issue.
I honestly think there are more people with this same issue that are trying everything to get rid of it but hasn't come to the forums just quite yet.. I don't think there is only 4 people with this issue... :P
Wanna know the real kicker? The issue followed me to a different computer...different setup (much more powerful in some aspects, like processor) and yet the problems remained.

That tells me it's not my comp that's wrong, at least. Both these these setups ran WoW perfectly pre-5.0.4.
Hi again,

Can you let me know which mouse you're using?

As well as which keyboards you've got? This'll help us gather more info on this issue.

Also, can you try repairing the game client by removing the wow.mfil, wow.tfil and wow.pfil files found in your World of Warcraft folder, then running the World of Warcraft Launcher, then seeing if that helps at all?

Please let me know what happens, as well as the info requested above. Thanks!
I'm currently using a steelseries Ikari Laser and a Razer Lycosa keyboard. I've tried a diffrent mouse that's really cheap aswell that I don't know the name of but it didn't require any drivers to be installed and I also tried using a Saitek eclipse 2 keyboard.

I tried to remove the wow.mfil, wow.tfil and wow.pfil files then running the launcher, that didn't change a thing either
I tried that as well, didn't have any positive effect on the stuttering.
I'm currently using a "Steelseries 7g" keyboard and a "Zowie EC1" mouse.
Made this aswell to show the people in the support, it might not be the same issue you others got tho. Fast forward to 0:25 to skip past me showing that all my settings are on the lowest possible.
Mm, small problems like this annoys me like hell. My playtime went out today as well, might not give it another go until they've come with something good for a change. That i'm paying for this game makes it worse. I expect a 110% game when they're taking payment for expansions and each month.

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