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i was in BG farming honor and got kicked outta game,then when i wanted to log in again i got this error,
screen shot says it all :

so what's this?
Please try power cycling your connection;

If that doesn't resolve the issue, can I ask what security software is installed?
wanted to log in 2 mins ago, got the same message.
Disabled and enabled my wireless adapter and i was back in the game.
Got disconnected after 3 mins of playing, and same message.
Stormscale EU.
I'm also getting this issue. I use Norton Internet Security.
Getting this aswell, all other internet related stuff works fine except wow
mee to
I managed to log in after a while, then I got d/ced. Now when I try to log back into the game, I'm getting "Character Not Found" messages.

Edit: Managed to log in just fine on a different server, but having this issue on Defias Brotherhood.
i'm using kaspersky,disabled it and i still get same message,
like all have said,i got in-game as well but then again same issue,now when i get in character selection screen and chose one it stucks on 90% and says "character not found" ,all of the characters get same message.
This is no antivir or firewall.
Battelnet serv - crasch - Blizz plis fix it.
Same here, was playing just fine. Then disconnected, tried to log in and BOOM Error 2. Tried everything in suggested thread. All other internetservices such as games, music,movie streaming etc. works fine. The only thing not working is WoW.
I have the same problem! Tried other games like d3 and sc2 and both works fine!
Have the exact same problem. Everything was working fine until approx 1 hour ago then dced and know everytime I succeed in logging in I get disconnected after a couple of minutes and get the battlenet error #2.
I've never had any problems like this with wow before. I've checked firewalls and other things that might obscure the connecting. But I can conclude that it has nothing to do with my computer, something is wrong with battlenet.
Same issue, can't login.
any clue from blue posters why is this happening? still can't log in
Get this message on one of my accounts but on the other account I get in instantly :S
and after logging in and out a few times from the account that works, it finaly lets me to get into the account that originaly got Error #2 :S

Edit : Sometimes it lets me get to "choose realm" but gets stuck there for a couple of minutes before booting me, then I can try again and it useually works... so I realy have no clue what the real problem is :S

Edit #2 : This have happened since the patch yesterday, and when I do finaly get in, every character I try to login to gets the message "Character not found" at the end of loading screen
same here tried to make panda warrior got disconnected. error#2 nice... ill try again tomorrow

In addition to restarting your router, can you flush your DNS cache?

Power off your modem/router for 5 minutes, turn it back on and then perform this command.

Windows XP:
- Click Start and then Run
- Type cmd in the run box and click Ok
- In the Command Console window that has appeared type: ipconfig /flushdns
- After typing the above command, press Enter to execute it and then close the window

Windows Vista / 7:
- Click Start, then Programs, then Accessories and then locate 'Command Prompt'
- Right-click on 'Command Prompt' and left-click on 'Run as Administrator'
- In the Command Console window that has appeared type: ipconfig /flushdns
- After typing the above command, press Enter to execute it and then close the window

Mac /OS X:

Also if that doesn't work, try a Selective Startup:
got same problem. worked fine yesterday so don't know what happened while i was getting my beauty sleep. anyway, just done that command prompt thing and now can't get passed the blizzard launcher so kinda made it worse. thx blizz
i finally managed to get passed blizzard launcher but still says character not found after trying to get into the game for 5 mins. read in some other post a blizz employee saying its to do with out of date addons so disabled them all but that didn't help either. pls try and do something about this, i've given up for the night now.

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