Flayer Youngling battle pet

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Since 5.1 I've found that the reflection ability of the Flayer Youngling is working very erratically.

Firstly, there is no longer any animation.
Secondly, it appears to be selective about which skill it reflects. It no longer reflects things like fly up/burrow to avoid being attacked (which was ridiculously OP anyway as it lasted the whole match before) but also won't reflect lots of other skills, as well as any healing moves.

When it doesn't reflect a skill, absolutely nothing happens. It just looks like you passed, or that you're a particularly inept player :)

The reflection skill now seems almost redundant, making this once awesome pet fairly mundane.

Please could anyone let me know if the problems I list are specific to just my one, or if it was the developer's intention to make the flayer youngling a bit crap now? I'm afraid I can't find anything else on the forums about this.


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