Wild upgrades have appeared!

Pet Battles
Since the new patch i have gotten the message "Wild upgrades have appeared!" in some random wild pet battles. But i don't seem to get any upgrades/items by defeating the pets in the battles. I have tried catching them, but still no result. Is this bugged or is there something i am missing/not understanding?
Might be some add-on alerting you that 1 of the pets in the battle is of a higher quality/rarity than a pet you currently own?
If not that, I have no idea.
It seems to be the PetTracker addon which "warns me of upgrades".

I guess the purpose of this mechanic is to tell when you have a chance to win one of the new battle stones (Flawless Battle-stones and Polished Battle-stones), as they are possible to win from wild pet battles since the new patch. I am still to actually win a battle-stone though.

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