Muradin's Favor - Incorrect skin

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This item Muradin's Favor used to transform you into a frost blue skin dwarf. Instead of doing that now, it turns into a regular naked dwarf bronzebeard clan lookalike.

This change, which I'm assuming is a bug, is ugly and boring. Please fix it...
Please also report it with the ingame function.

Bug Report
I did it when I wrote this
Hey Niera,
The issue with Muradin's Favor is already being looked into and should hopefully be fixed soon
Any update?
I know its probably one of the lowest priorities, but I really like the skin. So I'm looking forward to the fix!
Dwarves were considered to be too awesome, so this nerf was applied.

On a more serious note, you may wish to report it;

That way they'll be reminded of it and will know the bug is still live, just in case they believe differently.
This should be resolved in an upcoming update Titatotemaar. :)

Dwarves aren't just awesome Doomy, they're also "majestic" ;)
aaaah, this makes me happy! thanks!

By the way, "awesome" and "Majestic" don't even begin to describe the amount of Awe that comes with seeing a Dwarf. just thought you should know

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