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I read earlier in a post, that brawlers guild was supposed to be something like pet battle, something that wasn't needed to get high end gear, you didn't need to play it for hours on end just to be a part of the best in the game, however. After having spent 20.000gold on an invite, I am deeply dissapointed to learn, that bosses have a dps timer - heroic pve geared players can meet this timer, but me, a shadowpriest playing nothing but pvp, has not a single fair chance to do so, I've read that Disruptron, the final boss, requires a dps of nearly 100k during the first 65%, and then I need to be able to burst the last 35% in less than 30 seconds, I read this would result in a dps of 150k.

I know none of this to be fact or not, but I think it's very dissapointing that once again, high end PVE gear is required to partake in the event.

Could you reconsider and atleast remove enrage timers or make pvp power increase damage and hit % while inside the brawler arena ? I cannot believe that something like this (1vs1npc battle) where skill should be essential, to avoid stuff and interrupt the right spells etc, is ruined by something so irrelevant as gear, PLEASE make brawlers arena the same way you have made challenge dungeon modes - with some sort of gear stat restriction.


Can't help reminding you that PVE =/= PVP... :)

Indeed, I recall - not too long ago - in which the general tenor of comments coming from dedicated a certain type of PVPer was along the lines of "PVE is faceroll scripted encounters. EEZY!"

I like the fact that it is tough, and requires good quality PVE gear. It's something to work for...

PVP aimed nerfs have negatively affected my PVE experience too much in the past, so keep your paws off the Brawler's Guild, eh? ;)
this particulor pve event shouldn't be about getting the best gear from raiding 24/7 and then facerolling this - it should be about actually thinking for yourself, the final boss for instance has a hell of a lot of spells going around, having to avoid them is hard enough, having to deal with a dps requirement that can ONLY be reached by having the very best pve gear, is full out retarded:
What Brawler’s Guild Is

A fun, but small diversion that could grow in time - no not when PVE gear is mandatory
A venue for a realm’s community to come together - yes, if you have BiS pve gear
A unique way to earn some solo PvE bragging rights - true, once again, if you have the best gear, it's not about skill, it's about having enough dps while not standing in fire, I can do that in raid finder
A cool place to hang out
- it would be if pvp players had a fighting chance aswell
the whole point with the npc hitting hard and killing the player if they get hit by the aoe spells, is exactly what skill is about, however, spending hours after hours killing scripted as you say, bosses with 24 other people, limits this to a predetermined group of people.

If this should work as pet battle, then my gear shouldn't have an effect on the outcome
@Blizzard intervention
I have a really big problem with the fact, that this is for pvers only, arena and rated battlegrounds, those are for serious pvp players, it requires a special set of equipment, and to be honest, if you want to be anywhere near "high rating" you HAVE to be able to adapt to a situation, something that PvE does not have.

On the other hand, we have PvE, this requires another kind of gear than the gear for PvP, so naturally, PvPers cannot join and expect to be of use, and vice versa.

Blizzard, this brawler's guild thing you got going, has a really great potential, but you have to have to have to have to HAVE to include both factions of the game, both the PvP and PvE community - as stated earlier, I think the best method to make it fair for everyone, is to simply set a maximum gear value, as you did with challenge mode heroics.

This will never be competative when the group of players with the most time spent in raids, somehow finds themselves facerolling through the fights, while the rest of us, can't even get past the simplest of fights, because we lack DPS.

This is a long !@# post, the point is this:
an enragetimer is needed for sure, but it should be set so that it can be reached with x amount of gear levels, such as 463
Should've been like challenge modes tbh... i.e. - Gear scaling, and let the brawls be 'skill' based, and not face roll for people that are geared.
I don't PvP. If I can in any way get out of it. Which is normally quite easy thank God. :)

But that being said I am using a bit of PvP gear. Simply because the PvE stats on PvP gear is just as good as same iLevel pure PvE gear. Shouldn't that make high end PvP gear quite good for these encounters as well or does the PvE stats on high end PvP gear get relatively worse with iLevel ?

In other words. Shouldn't a PvP geared player of ilevel 476 perform more or less the same as a PvE geared player of iLevel 476 ?
06/12/2012 08:38Posted by Doofensmirtz
Shouldn't a PvP geared player of ilevel 476 perform more or less the same as a PvE geared player of iLevel 476 ?

Correct. There is no item budget penalty for PvP gear now. Both players should have an equal amount of primary and secondary stats in their budget.
06/12/2012 08:46Posted by Beldanor
There is no item budget penalty for PvP gear now

you right exept weapon pvp weapon have a pve penalty
I agree that the gearing should be scaled but the OP moaning about it being hard because they are PvP geared is a joke/troll must be.

It's like a PvE geared player going into an arena and moaning that they get ganked.
I don't have any hc gear and still got to rank 7. It's not all about gear.
This would be like me complaining that i cant win any arena battles while in my PvE set.

As said previously PvE =/= PvP , the distinction is there for a reason. I dont see why you feel you should be able to complete the top end PvE content without putting the time and effort into other PvE content to get the correct gear.
06/12/2012 11:02Posted by Thestpaul
I don't have any hc gear and still got to rank 7. It's not all about gear.

I can agree with this, my gear isn't great but I did all of them bosses without much of a hitch, til I hit Battletron... Blizz stupidly buffing his HP leaves undergeared casters in the cold while similarly geared melee with a good chance of downing him still. For a caster to down him they'd need to have 495+ilvl atm... :|

I haven't killed any raid bosses and I'm stuck at rank 7 since Battletron requires 80k dps.
Can we please get a respons on why we need heroic PvE gear to kill this?
If you don't do any of the content, and thusly don't get any of the rewards, then it just seems fair that you don't get to succeed at the same things someone who has earned rewards would.

Wait until next tier, maybe the one after, if you want to bring a knife to a gunfight and walk out a winner.

All of my better gear is tank gear; the guild clearly wasn't aimed at my gear either, but I'm not throwing a fit over it because it just seems fair.
I can pull 40k dps, thus stuck on level 4, a paladin with lots of heroic gear, pulled 200k dps, he did not even have to dodge whatever spell the target used, he just pops every cooldown and wins, how exactly is that skilled? And yea, pvp gear does give good stats, too bad it doesn't give the 9% hit I need to get capped, not to mention you trade pvp resillience and power for crit/haste/mastery, if you're trying to tell me that pvp and pve gear is the same, then you are beyond repair
Kiqjag, you're actually comparing gear specified for a none damage spec, to gear specified for player vs player combat?
Different classes and specs will also have varying difficulty in beating the bosses too, because they have varying survivability cooldowns and such.

But yeah, if you PvP and are wearing full epic PvP gear, you will have just as good PvE stats as a PvEer in equivalent item level gear. Difficulty might be trinkets and weapons, but those are intended to be more powerful for their respective environments due to previous years of PvE items in those slots being 'better' all round.

As others have said though, if you want an easier time in PvE content, you need PvE gear; that's no different to needing PvP gear to do PvP.

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